Tales From Our Young Quarry Manager

First, a few background details:

Finn uses a little wagon in the basement to transport his big cardboard blocks back and forth to the “quarry” in the far corner.

We read a lot of Babar books, which contain fascinating, arcane details like getting “vigorous rubdowns with alcohol and soft brushes” when one is cold.

Baby cousin Jenna has been discussed as being too small for quite a few activities.

We overheard Finn sticking up for his little brother at Bouncyland the other evening, when a 5 year-old was trying to tell him that Henry was too small to jump in one of the bounce houses.

Now, the story, verbatim, that John overheard Finny reciting in the basement yesterday morning while playing:

“I have a son who’s about 20 months. He keeps wanting to come to the quarry with me, but he’s just too small. Maybe he can come in 5 months, or 7. His name is Alcohol. He’s at my home with the mom. Her name is Beagle. My name is Sir Bobbiter.”


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