Goin’ Solo (Han & otherwise)

Our guys are pretty physically cautious. Whereas their little buddies bomb around on Strider bikes & swing from monkey bars, our guys tend to creep along.

That’s why I was so pleased to see how much they took to “giant bouncy land” on Saturday night. Both dudes threw themselves into the fun–literally–and kept charging up and down the big slides. Finn decided he was Han Solo riding a tauntaun, making me a ferocious wampa. Here’s a rough little clip of me chasing him. Would you believe that Henry not only followed in Finn’s footsteps, but solo-bombed the big slide himself?

One reply on “Goin’ Solo (Han & otherwise)”

I carried Miles up one of those slide stairways. Half way up I was wondering why they didn’t have an ambulance standing by. I pushed Miles ahead for the last two steps. Maybe they’re not designed for seniors 🙂

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