Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: A Little Baño Music

We haven’t done a wrap-up like this since October (!), so here’s a belated round-up of the guys’ little sayings since then.

  • Music:
    • I body slam Finno in the laundry room. He sings back, “I fell into a burning ring of hamper…!”
    • I catch Finn singing our neighbor’s name into the tune of “Thunderstruck”: “oohOOWahahAAHow, PAB-LO!”
    • Hipped the boys to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” via YouTube chopper videos. Henry asks, “What is that baby [Brian Johnson] crying about?”
    • “Foom foom FOOM Foom foom!” Finn sings to Henry this morning. “Reality hits you *hard*, bro!”
    • Finn’s running around, sticking phrases into “Ride of the Valkyries” (e.g. “Open the SANDbox, open the SANDbox…!”) That. Is. My. BOY! 😀
    • Oddest mash-up, courtesy of our son: Peter Gabriel meets Sandra Boyton. “I want to be, your personal Sledgehammer…”
    • Young Henry considers YouTube: “I would like some… Foxy Lady. I would like… more Garth.”
    • After hearing LMFAO’s “Party Anthem,” Finn compulsively claws at his ear: “Get it out!!”
  • El Baño:
    • “Maybe we could come to Guatemala with you, Dad-O,” notes Finn, “but I don’t want the kids to sit on my lap & pee on me.”
    • “Adios, poop!” waves a cheerful Finn. “See ya later when the toilet backs up!”
    • Margot says I’m “guilty as charged.””Yeah,” says Finn, “you’re guilty ASS-charged!!”(“Guilty ass-poop,” adds Henry.)
    • “I’m having a massive poop, Dad-O,” announces wee Henry. “It’s gonna *scare* me!!” (He claims it has arms & legs to hunt him down.)
    • Henry emerges from the basement & finds Mom-O upstairs: “I heard the potty stop so I came up.”
      M: “You’re a smart boy, Hen.”
      H: “Yes I am!”Modest, too. 🙂
    • “Sorry for party rocking, Dad-O,” Henry tells me.
      “Sorry for potty rocking,” corrects Finn.

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