Babyslang Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: Legos, Run-DMC, & Robber Seagulls

  • Legos:
    • “Come on,” says Finn, drawing me towards our living room Lego zone. “Come see our Duplofications!”
    • One of our pieces snapped. “Honestly, Mom-O,” says Finn, shaking his head, “I… I’m just not going to happy up about that broken Lego.”
    • At bedtime: “Dad-O, my body is just hopping around saying, ‘I can’t wait to play with those Legos!!’ But I said, ‘Tummy, you can play with them maƱana!”
    • Finn’s threatening his Lego guys: “I’ll throw you in the dungeon with Elton John & Flava Flav!” (Don’t ever let your kids watch TV.)
  • Music:
    • Run-DMC’s “It’s Tricky” comes on. “I know there’s Jam-Master Jay in there somewhere!” announces Finn.
    • Finn channels Florence & The Machine to request help with his burger: “Rip it up rip it up, Rip it up rip it up, whoOOOoah!”
    • Hearing “Sympathy for the Devil,” Finn observes, “I hear a bunch of hoo-ing.” We agree it’s sung by a team of [scrawny, coked-up] owls.
    • I’m trying some Chili Peppers “Aeroplane” on the boys. “This makes my mind blow away!” says Hen.
    • Henry’s confused by the song “Indian Outlaw.” “His baby is a Chippewa? Actually a baby is a fetus.”
  • Of birds & names:
    • I kinda wish All Things Considered were hosted, as Finn believes it is, by “Robber Seagull.”
    • I dreamt our boys hung out with Jason Segel (who, full grown, claimed to be two and a half). Finn’s incredulous: “Jason Seagull??”
    • “Dad-O, why is it called Twitter?”
      “Well, it sounds kinda like birds tweeting.”
      “Oh, so it’s called ‘blah blah.'” (Verbatim, I swear!)

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