I loooove me some slang. But what do I love more than slang? The fact that our family generates our own slang on a nearly constant basis. John and I are both word lovers, and we’re also huge goofballs, which makes for a perfect combination when it comes to coming up with fun, unusual ways to describe otherwise dry, quotidien things. Here’s a fresh installment of slang from the Naxx, both micro and macro:

Poop rock: The fake rock in the yard where we hide a spare housekey. You can probably guess what the rock looks like.

Potty shot: Why simply “go potty” when you can take a potty shot? See also: “Sor-ry for potty rockin’” (with appropriate credit to the band LMFAO)

DPT: Short for “dipetorium,” which was our slang for diaper changing table. We still call the boys’ dressers DPTs, which is even better now that this is a completely obsolete term.

Monster style: Putting ones shoes purposefully on the wrong feet. I can’t even really remember why we call it “monster style” but the guys love it.

Beasts: Mom-O’s hair clips, which both guys love to wield as they chase Dad-O around, trying to “bite” his clothing.

“Buds in the car, buds in the car…”: This is our sing-song way of reminding the guys to leave their buddies (Leo and the two Ollies) in the car when we go out, so we don’t lose them. Born from the infamous “Pants on the ground” song that went viral a few years back. The full Micronack version is “Buds in the car, buds in the car. Lookin’ like a FOOL with your buds in the car!

Brusha: Toothbrushing.  Heard at 7:15pm most nights, “Ok guys, time for brusha!” [See also “Sugarbugs,” as in “We’ve gotta get those sugar bugs off your chompers.” –J.]

Rubba: Eye rubbing by a tired Micronack. Heard at 7:30pm most nights, “But I’m not doing rubba, Dad-o!”

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