Happy Memorial Day from the Micronaxx

On Sunday the boys and I had a ball scrambling around a 70-year-old B-24 Liberator (a model of which my folks may remember hanging from our rafters for years) together with our little friend Anja. Either Americans were smaller years ago, or this plane was designed for operation by the 3-to-5 set. The boys enjoyed getting into turrets, and when hanging out in the clear nose turret with Anja, Henry insisted on closing the doors and saying “We need a little privacy!”

Following this thorough inspection, I got to fly in the old sucker with Anja’s dad Bruce! He was able to borrow some great video gear from work, even sticking little cameras on the chin & belly. Talk about crazy, open-air excitement! (Seriously, when I was looking out the tail turret, I saw a fellow passenger’s hat zoom past into infinity. “Hey, how’d we fly past a hat?” I initially wondered.) We haven’t yet edited the videos, but here’s a gallery from the adventure. Bruce jokingly complained, “I’m not sure these photos of you will turn out: you don’t look happy enough.” 🙂

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