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Transient Witticisms: Dinner & A Movie

  • Food:
    • I taught the boys a bit about Teddy Roosevelt.
      “‘Speak softly…'” whispers Finn.
      “Yeah,” says Henry, “‘…and carry a big snack!'”
    • Finn’s growing antsy after dinner out. “I wanna do that dash-and-dine technique!”
    • After the dentist we went to Wienerschnitzel for what Finn dubs “emergency corn dogs.”
    • Finn’s skeptical that Leo could’ve been bathed/dried so fast. (Margot had swapped Leos.) “I guess Mom-O must’ve put him in the panini press…”
  • Cinema:
    • The boys hear movie quotes on NPR.
      Finn to Henry: “You can’t handle the truth!”
      Henry, indignant: “I can handle the truth!!”
    • Finn holds his filthy lion blankie to his nose, huffing deeply. “He’s a 4yo Dennis Hopper,” says his proud mom.
    • Naked Finn channels Daniel Day-Lewis: “If you’ve got a fruit bar, & I’ve got a fruit bar, I stretch acroooooss the room… I. Eat. Your. Fruit bar!!”
  • Star Wars:
    • Henry puts his bib over his face. “Now I’m Darth Vader!” Then he spins it around back to make his cape.
    • “‘Benefits?'” asks an incredulous Finn, listening to NPR. “It’s actually Boba Fetts!”

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