Conveyor Belt of Woe!

Who needs biology books when one has a body to observe?

Poor Finn can be predictably clumsy as he grows, and lately his feet have borne a rain of terror. A few months back he dropped a Mater toy on his big toe, producing a big red bruise under the nail. He was fascinated to learn that the “hurty” would slowly migrate off the end of the toe, “like a little conveyor belt.” We were almost to the end of that race—but dang it, down fell more metal objects!

Now Finn offers tours of his foot-wounds, kind of like a historian would show the rings of a giant sequoia: “Yeah, that’s where Mater got me, and then that’s where the iPad fell, and over on this foot you can see where I dropped the WD-40 can…”

Tangential business idea: Steel-toed Crocs!

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