Halloween Photos


Carving pumpkins just wasn’t at the top of my & Margot’s to-do lists this year, but Finn could hardly have been more interested. He kept brining up the subject, even grumping loudly that we were trying to get off the hook for doing it. Last night he was in a fog following a long car ride, but when Mom-O said we could do some carving, he immediately re-energized & ran to get his smock.

Here’s the amazing part: A kid who, to my chagrin, can barely draw a straight line walked right up to his pumpkin, grabbed a marker, and drew a perfect, complex eye (a circle with a pupil mounted on one side). Oh man, I thought, he’s gonna get good at drawing after all!! Ah, but pride goeth: right afterwards he said “Now I’m gonna draw a second eye!,” then drew a tiny circle, after which he rendered the “nose” as a series of abstract lines. But still… it’s a start & I’ll take it!

Here are just a few pics:

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