Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms Music Edition: “Police Navidad” & More

  • G-Man:
    • “‘Steely Dan?'” Henry’s incredulous. “What do they steal?”
      Me: “No, ‘steel,’ like metal.”
      H: “Why do they steal metal??”
    • Hen, on hearing some hip hop: “Rap music?! Turn that off!!” He then cries ’til we give in & turn on Johnny Cash.
    • Henry is mashing up “Peanuts” with Peter Gabriel. “Shock the Lucy to-night!” he sings.
    • Henry’s midday requests: Some soup, Dave Brubeck, and a nap. #MyBoy
    • Henry asks me to explain a Taylor Swift breakup song.
      Me: “You’ll understand when you’re older.”
      H: “Maybe I won’t want to understand…”
  • Finnster:
    • “I can easily make this girl’s voice with my body,” says Finn of Ellie Goulding. “I can’t make that Axl Rose stuff, though.”
    • From deep within a pile of Lego forest police loot, Finn’s begun to sing: “Police Navidad!”
    • Finn’s singing his bizarre version of Rudolph: “…You might even say it blows!” (He calls the character “The Ol’ ‘Dolph.)
    • “Dad-O, when i grow up I want to be a policeman who acts like a ninja,” Finn tells me, “but not a bad cop like that Sheriff John Brown.” [from I Shot The Sheriff]
    • I hear Finn singing: “‘…so call me maybe.’ Oh Dad-O, that song gets stuck in my head! I sing it at preschool, I sing it everywhere!!
  • The boys on “Dirty Deeds”: “AC/DC sound like pirates!” Of the Ramones’ “Sheena”: “These guys are old warriors! They’re berserkers!”
  • I imagine our always-underfoot kids singing like the Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane”: “HERE I am!! (bom, bomp) FORM a human bar-i-cade!!”
  • The boys are becoming a bit “pants-optional.” I now sing to them some modified Beatles: “Hey! You’ve Got To Hide Your Butt Away.”

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