Of Semaphores & Nack Power

We’ve been enjoying all manner of hand jive at Chez Nack:

  • “When I put my hand on my head & hold up an index finger,” Finn informs us, “that means ‘Treacherous Idea,’ and when I hold up my pinky, that means ‘Nice-Guy Idea.'” You can guess which one he holds up most of the time!
  • Margot has taught the lads the phrase, “Who’s got two thumbs and…” So, out of the blue you’ll hear one of them ask, “Who’s got two thumbs [points to himself] and loves Thomas videos? This guyyyy!!”
  • The other morning Margot asked for various shows of hands (e.g. “Who likes Oat Squares?”). And in a moment we’d all raised our fists in a show of Olympics-style Nack Power!
  • Lastly—and maybe most interestingly—Finn has devised a system of “go” signals, each tailored to one of us. For example, to tell us it’s “go time,” he taps both fists to his forehead, then points both hands forward. My sign is the same, except that I’m to tap my nose, then point. Mom-O to tap her ears, and Henry’s to tap his chin. (You can see the boys demonstrating variations in the sequences below.) Weird, eh? And yet it kinda works: Before school I’ll fix Finn in my gaze, tap my nose, and point towards the Ocho. And away we go!

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