Ski Chums and Bums

Yesterday the boys cashed in their Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa Liggett – ski lessons and ski rental at Ski Cooper, just a few miles down the road. Thanks to some hand-me-down helmets and goggles from their cousins, and some strategic thrift-shopping for bibs and mittens by their Auntie Laura, the guys were all set!

Ski Cooper was the training site for the 10th Mountain Division in World War II. Because of its high altitude and hundreds of inches of snow per year, it was the perfect training ground for the mountaineering troops. Now it’s a public ski resort, but it’s a lot smaller and lower-key than the big boys down the road like Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, and Keystone. It is a great place for beginners because there’s plenty of room to go slow and figure out what you’re doing without the threat of being mowed down by expert skiiers (they ski in a separate, faster part of the resort!).

The guys each got a 1-hour private lesson. The instructors were terrific – two college-age girls named Coco and Corinna. They were great with the guys – very patient and friendly. Little Henry took to skiing right away! He learned how to snowplow and “emergency stop” (a.k.a. tip over on your side), and really got the hang of skiing smoothly down the bunny slope. He looked like a little ski pro in his bibs, helmet, and goggles. Finny was having a rough day and wasn’t very into the actual skiing lesson. He liked getting fitted for boots and skis, but once he was on the slope, there was a lot of collapsing in frustration, drama, and trying to talk his way out of the lesson. He did manage to come down the bunny slope a couple times, and I think he actually understood how to snowplow but just wasn’t in the mood to cooperate.

We definitely want to visit Ski Cooper again – next time Mom-o and Dad-o will hit the slopes with the dudes! Here’s a little gallery of the morning’s proceedings.

[Side bonus for panda-loving Henry: The kids got to be part of the “Panda Patrol”! –J.]

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