Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: Microtunes Edition

  • Mischievous Henry starts edging out of the crosswalk: “Dad-O, I’m ‘Break-in’-the-laaaaw, break-in’-the-laaaaw!!'” (Judas Priest, Age 4. :-))
  • The Barenaked Ladies come on the radio. “This is a dork singing!” declares Henry.
  • “I don’t think these guys are Talking Heads, Dad-O,” says Finn. “I think they’re just Talking Scalps.”
  • Finn: “Why are they called ‘U2’?”
    Me: “Well, I dunno. The U2 was a cool airplane…”
    Finn: “Was Bono homeless & did he sleep in the airplane?”
  • Listening to “Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing” with the boys. “Why did the baby do that, Dad-O? Why is he so naughty?”
  • Finn’s singing Styx’s “Renegade”: “The meter maid, who had it made…” #misheardlyrics
  • The lads are listening to The Clash:
    Finn: “Henry, the casbah is a desert castle, and the jet fighters rock it with bullets.”
    Henry: “Yeah, from their lungs!”
  • Finn’s relating to “I Shot The Sheriff”: “It’s like when Jacobo attacks me at school & I kick him in the face. That’s self-defense for me!”
  • On an airplane: “Dad-O, I thought I saw Johnny Cash out on the wing,” reports Finn, “but it was just the winglet.”
  • Listening to the boys’ a cappella duet of “Crazy Train” as they play Lego trains, I feel kinda great about my parenting. 🙂
  • Finn’s morning musical request: “How about the banana song by Barry Elefante?”
  • Blasting “Sledgehammer” while your 3yo jumps around, “dancing” & randomly hammering things, is a terrific morning kickoff.
  • The boys keep donning underwear outside their regular clothes. I explain that’s only for crazy old ladies, like Madonna.
  • The boys have renamed themselves “Lynyrd Skynyrd” & “Billy Idol.” In related news, I really need to expose them to better music!

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