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Getting stuck in LA, in a generally good way

During our recent SoCal sojourn, we spent a peaceful day noodling around LA, exploring local landmarks:

  • (Pre-)Historically the La Brea Tar Pits (a sticky slick of naturally occurring asphalt) were great at ensnaring all kinds of ice-age animals, and over the years they’ve yielded hundreds of tons of fossilized remains. The boys loved exploring the museum, getting to watch scientists & volunteers carefully working to unearth & restore what’s been dug up. They were delighted to come away with two stuffed sabertooth tigers that they quickly named “Sabertooth” and “Snuggletooth.” (You’d kind of think “Saber-maran,” right?) In subsequent “T.A.L.B.” editions, these railroading Tooth Brothers turned out to be good at shoveling coal with their “steak knives.”
  • Right next door is Los Angeles County Museum of Art, aka LACMA. We lucked out & came across volunteers who were letting kids make their own African arts & crafts. Of the clay “memory boards” Finn said, “They’re like iPads,” and they each crafted staffs with pictures of Mom-O at the top. They had a ball exploring the large outdoor art pieces, then were fascinated by the Metropolis II kinetic sculpture (see video below).
  • Later we wound our way up to the famous Griffith Park Observatory (you might remember it from Rebel Without A Cause), exploring the grounds & watching their giant Tesla coil in action.

Here’s a little gallery from the adventure.

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You found all of the best places. I have many fond childhood memories of these places. I’d love to see the Mom-O staffs!

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