This year for spring break we traveled back to our favorite mountain town, Leadville, Colorado. We’ve spent the week up here enjoying time with my folks in the high mountain air. The first couple of days were sunny, summery, and dry as a bone—spent in shirtsleeves at the park, tossing rocks into the river, and galavanting around town. The boys, especially Henry, were a bit bummed that the snow tubing and skiing opportunities were slim: it’s late in the season, many of the resorts are closed, and the only snow left was in shadowy, unmelted, crunchy drifts.

They still managed to goof around in the snow and even get a little tubing in on the hill across town. Then, much to our delight, Leadville got smacked with an enormous spring blizzard that started yesterday and has carried through today. We’ve gotten at least 18 inches of snow so far, and it’s still coming down. The boys, to put it mildly, are thrilled to see all that snow! Here’s a gallery of our snowbound antics.

We were actually supposed to leave for California today, but the interstate between here and Denver was closed, and driving conditions were so bad we decided against even trying to drive down the mountains. We’ll be here another full day so the boys can get their fill of powdery good times.


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