Chitown ’18

Our pal Samantha tells us that on Friday she attended the wreathing of the Chicago Art Institute’s famous lions, reminding me that I’d somehow totally whiffed on sharing the pics from our great outing with her there in September. She & Henry set out for a day of train adventures while Margot, Finn, & I checked out the museum. Later Finn & I made our way to Lincoln Park Zoo to meet Sahar the lion in both flesh & stuffed forms (only one of which came home with us 😌), and in the evening we took in the views from atop the Chicago Athletic Association before making our way back to the Palmer House. Check out the gallery from our action-packed day!

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Aww! This is my favorite photo of the year! What a fantastic day I had with Henry. Thanks again for the lovely day and I’m so glad we have the opportunity to spend time in Chicago together!

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