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Train Trip vol. 5: Big Boy, Big Planes

On Saturday following our marathon Golden Spike visit, Hen & headed down to Ogden hoping to catch the Big Boy ahead of the crowds. We knew that it was due to be on display at 10am, and figuring it was being kept south of town, I hoped to sneak in a little droning overhead. As it happened the engine was already welcoming visitors, so instead of flying we were able to get right up close & personal. Check out our gallery of the Big Boy Up Close.


When we’d finally gotten our fill of big engines (sounds impossible, I know), we started heading south towards Salt Lake City & our evening flight. Hen had previously spotted the Hill Aerospace Museum, so we swung by & spent a couple of hours geeking out among the massive bombers, transports, and fighters. Truth be told, after spending days receiving random train facts from Henry, it was nice for me to return the favor & share some of my aerospace knowledge.

Check out our separate gallery of museum pics. Be on the lookout for tiny Hen appearing “Where’s Waldo”-style by giant landing gear, as well as for the goofball caption he insisted on adding to one pic. 😌


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