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Route 66 Day 6: Homeward Bound!

[Check out our final gallery of the trip.]

Okay, Hen, you know what to do! Take ‘er away:

In the morning we were eating at the cool train-based McDonald’s when a train (BNSF) started going by very slowly and quietly. It was either the second or third locomotive that was an old Dash 9 Santa Fe warbonnet.

I attended school from a motel on Route 66, which was a Motel 6, and right next door, there was a “Motel 7.”

We cruised top-down on 66 and turned onto the soon-to-be demolished 100-year-old bridge over the train yard., next to the old Santa Fe Harvey House. We got off the bridge and parked around the outdoor train museum for a while.

From there we drove to Tehachapi, remarking on 20 Mule Team Road, looking at the airplane storage area, and talking about the Carter Administration and Iran.

In Tehachapi we ate at the Burger Spot & got out of there. After Bakersfield, we stopped at a Shell station to try to clean all the melted Rolos off the floor.

After that, the only interesting thing was seeing all the red & white stripey silos in orchards. That concludes our awesome adventure, but our Miata adventures have just begun! 😉

Check out our final gallery of the trip!

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