Finn & Mom Visit Seattle!

Not content to be left out of adventurous blog posts, Finn and I made a Spring Break sojourn up to Seattle. Since Hen and John had their big Route 66 Miata adventure, we figured we should schedule our own trip and have some adventures of our own! Initially Finn had suggested going to Yellowstone NP, but it’s still winter up there in the high country, and many of the roads and attractions are still closed for the season. We decided to go to Seattle instead, and make it a mixture of sightseeing, seeing old friends, and visiting favorite some of my favorite places in the city.

We spent 6 wonderful days up there, in a little apartment we rented for the week. It was perfect – smack in the middle of Capitol Hill (my old neighborhood), surrounded by terrific restaurants, coffee shops, eccentric residents, graffiti, kooky shops and galleries, and street art. It was the perfect crash pad for our adventures and enabled easy coming and going from all parts of town. Best of all, and amazingly, the sun shone brightly the entire week of our visit – literally not a cloud in the sky the entire week. It was crazy, and I told Finn that Seattle was lying to him – it’s never sunny for a week straight in April. We also happened to arrive during the absolute peak of cherry blossom season and were blown away by the gorgeous flowering trees.

I, of course, was thrilled at the prospect of seeing several of my Seattle friends during the week. I really felt a lot of love – I got to see different friends almost every day of the week! Finn lucked out, too, as one of his good friends from middle school, had moved to Olympia during the pandemic – and we were able to find some time for the two of them to hang out. They were both so excited to see each other, and spent the next three or so hours on a long hike outdoors, chatting and joking the whole time. Another friend of his, from preschool and elementary school days, also lives on Bainbridge Island, so we spent an afternoon hanging out with him and his family, eating burritos on the shore and watching otters play.

Here’s a gallery of photos from our week. We covered a lot of ground! From Volunteer Park, to the Pike Market, the Arboretum & Japanese Garden, Bainbridge Island, Seward Park, Mountlake Terrace, Fremont’s troll and Lenin statues, Ballard & Golden Gardens beach, Archie McPhee’s in Wallingford, Red Mill Burger in Phinney Ridge, The Chihuly Glass Garden and the SAM Sculpture Park, and all points in between. Finn was a big fan of all the little restaurants and coffee shops, Top Pot Donuts and Via Tribunale Pizza. He also loved how green everything is, and how Seattle is so multidimensional – the huge hills, canals, lakes and seashore, distant mountains, and city streets. It was so fun for me to show him my “hometown” and take him to so many of my favorite places. We had a terrific time and were sad it came to an end so quickly, but we’ll most certainly be back.

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