Photos Severn Pacific

The Living Daylight

Our friend Severn (owner of his own backyard caboose & railway) has been incredibly supportive of Henry’s interest in trains, and a couple of weeks ago he bestowed upon Hen a couple of amazing gifts. First was a real railroad pocketwatch! As you’d expect & as you can see in some pics, he went completely nuts. 😌

Severn also bestowed upon Hen an HO-scale version of the famous Daylight train on which he’d ridden as a kid. With quarantine restrictions easing, we were able to take it on a spin at Silicon Valley Lines on Thursday, and the two of us teamed up to capture a gallery of photos and videos.

Henry is, as he’d be the first to tell you, one very lucky young engineer—and I’m lucky to get to be his wingman in all of this. 🚂😌

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