Insulators Photos

Hunting the Wild Insulator!

Henry, man… “character” doesn’t begin to describe him, as I’m sure you know. Being a man of somewhat obsessive interests, he’s lately dived head-first into the arcane but charming world of old glass insulators for telephone wires—something, oddly enough, that I used to collect while walking around Galena as a kid. He will gladly tell you the entire history of the Hemingray company while proudly showing off his collection.

Having noticed a promising-looking abandoned pole near the freeway, on Sunday he persuaded me to drive him up to Pleasanton & scramble around some abandoned tracks. Through the miracle of my 10-foot-long selfie stick, we were even able to wiggle a few loose & collect them! (This is the weirdest game of Pokemon ever. 🙃) I mean, just look at the sheer joy on our man’s face:

Check out some pics in this gallery from our day of hunting!


Legoing In A Van, Down By The River

With Margot off in Seattle to visit Alethea for the weekend, the we four remaining dudes (Seamus included) headed up north of Sacramento for some quick camping & exploration. As you can see in our gallery, we were nestled in a neat spot along the banks of the American River.

It was fun getting my drone aloft for the first time in a while, and you can drag this panorama around to see more:

Following camping, we all headed back towards Sacramento to check out a big Lego show full of cool creations & vintage bricks for sale. With an eye towards our friend Maria’s upcoming visit, we even found a little Lego representation of her dog Tippy—seen here proudly astride her stegosaurus steed. 🦖😌