🦚 Peacocks, Painting, and Pooch

With Finn off touring DC with his class, the rest of us decided to make a quick overnight jaunt down to Monterey & Carmel.

First up, we swung by Henry’s favorite antique store, where we were delighted to find a toy BMW Isetta. Years ago, when I first met Margot & asked what kind of car she’d be, she immediately replied, “Ooh, I’d be one of those little three-wheeled jobs that Audrey Hepburn drove in Roman Holiday.” Thus we loved finding this one, and then introducing it to its real-life, not-so-big brother.

Our overnight accommodations (waaaaaay out in Carmel Valley) were delightfully bizarre. A couple of old coots run a little campground that’s replete with some 90 peacocks and peahens (!).

Besides constantly strutting their stuff, these flashy little guys kept warbling like crazy little dinosaurs. Following our cold evening in the van, Henry observed, “Those chatty guys were going off all night!”

Seamus was of course fascinated & tried his hand (er, mouth), at devouring their feathers. 😛

The campground features all matter of decrepit old equipment (including a couple of glass insulators that Henry was all too happy to accept), and our hosts encouraged us to add our artwork to their dump truck:

Later in the day we headed back to Monterey with an eye to visiting the aquarium & kayaking around the bay. It was too cold for the latter, but Seamus kept warm gallivanting with his new friend Orca.

Check out our gallery to see the full set of photos.

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