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Sunday at Whitsons

We spent this afternoon visiting with a group of friends down in Carmel. It was a gorgeous day for a drive, and we always love spending time with the Whitsons, our hosts for the afternoon. Finn got a little weary (ok, incredibly weary) of the carseat, but after we pitstopped at "Safeway-by-the-sea" for a breather, everything was jake.

And speaking of Jake, we got to see Tilden and Zak, family friends of the Whitsons, and their 3 month-old baby boy, Jake. It was fun for Finn and Jake to meet and subsequently regard each other, while our pals Huez and Alex, expecting their own baby next February, looked on. We were amazed at how different babies really are--Jake is so long and lean, and Finn is our little chunky monkey! Both guys seemed very happy and at ease with all the strange big people looking at them and holding them. Check out the gallery (HTML) here.


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Wonderful photos - can we get jpgs of these for our rogues' gallery?

Thanks so much

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