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Little Luchadores do Vegas

The Finnster (our little Mexican wrestling enthusiast--more on that later) had a great time meeting his Southern Hemispherical counterpart, little Bruno "El Pompín" Rozenfeld. Our pal/Brunito's dad Adolfo snapped this little gallery (HTML) plus a short video of the boys playing together. (Okay, at this age "playing together" mainly consists of Finn trying to sweep Bruno's head with a paintbrush while Bruno works to master sitting... but hey, it's a start!)


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Little luchadores *do* Vegas is Portuguese!
Which in my opinion makes it even better :)

[Yes, but without at least a gratuitous "ç" or "ã", I feel kind of ripped-off (victim of "rip-offção"). --J.]

I've been wondering: how exactly was it that Finn had a paintbrush in his hand? I mean, there are no complimentary paintbrushes in Vegas hotels, right?

[Tsk tsk, maybe not at *your* hotel for bad-haired billionaires, but they do at my hotel for bad-toothed billionaires. ;-) --J.]

I also forgot to say: I am sorry to learn that Margot's multiple Leo strategy (with a hint from movies starred by animals?) didn't work as expected...

[Yeah, I guess that's the downside of kids continuing to develop: they keep getting smarter and harder to trick... We'll keep trying, however. --J.]

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