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Of Banking & Dentistry

We're having big fun with Finno's imagination these days:

  • Lately he's taken a shine to Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day? At one point in the book, Farmer Alfalfa (a goat) deposits his money at the bank (run by a pig, naturally). Up in our bathroom last night, Finn spied some coins on top of the little dresser & started forcing them into a slot. "Finny goin' to the bank!" he said. "Givin' money to the pig!"
  • Several months ago he accompanied Margot on a visit to her dentist, Dr. Vandi, where he was entertained by the kind Mrs. Vandi. In the basement today he spied a manilla office and said, "Dr. Vandi's office!" From there we were off to the races, with Finn trucking back and forth: "Finny goin' to see Dr. Vandi and Mrs. Vandi!" I'm pleased to report that Leo's teeth got very clean. :-) "Thank you Dr. Vandi!"


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