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Illinois Adventures: Big G & Beyond

They say it takes a village to raise a child—or in our case, to photograph one. 😌

Following our trip to Colorado, Finn & Hen set out on their first unaccompanied trip to visit Grandma & Grandpa Nack. Armed with iPads, flip phones, and what proved to be a truly ungodly number of in-flight cookies (thanks, kindly flight attendants!), they got through the process without a hitch. After landing, highlights of the trip included:

  • Visiting the Botanical Gardens with my folks.
  • Meeting up with lots & lots of cousins at Aunt Judy & Uncle Bruce’s house where they celebrated Henry’s 10th birthday & enjoyed a cake from Katie. Aunt Judy fell in love with Hen, we’re told, and cousin Matt observed, “That Finn is one cool dude.” ☺️
  • Riding on the milk route with Uncle Ted (9 hours for Finn, starting around 3am!) and on the Alpine Slide (a birthday treat for Hen while Finn caught up on lost sleep!).
  • Cruising down the Galena pool’s slide dozens & dozens of times.
  • Cuddling with “James,” the little stuffed pooch Grandma thoughtfully gave to Seamus-missing Finn.
  • …and no doubt a bunch more I’m forgetting! (The lads are once again spending time away from us as I write this, so I’ll have to ask for additions once they return from camp.)

Thanks to my folks & fam for showing them such a good time, and for cousins Jill, Amy, and Sarah for pooling their photos with my mom’s. Here’s a little gallery of the goings-on.


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Lowrider Hen!

“Invest in experiences, not in things,” they say, and we’ve always regarded the Westy as a catalyst to making great memories (beating the heck out of staying at some random hotel!). Our trip to Legoland delivered on that promise in spades: the campsite Margot found (an out-of-the-way vineyard) happened to feature a young guy named Max who was delighted to show us the old cars he restores & even let Henry drive his ’52 lowrider Chevy!

Check out this gallery of both dudes getting a tour—and in the vid below see Henry getting behind the wheel:


I made a little logo to commemorate the event:

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11,000ft. of Adventure!

This year’s July 4th was truly one for the history books. Having celebrated his 80th birthday zip lining with Patrick & Charlie, Grandpa Liggett figured what the heck, let’s get the whole fam involved this time. As you can see in our big photo gallery and in the vids below, our trip to Leadville’s Top Of The Rockies was a scream—quite literally. Check it out:

Figuring he’d spice things up with some friendly wagering, Finn bet me (some video game tokens vs. a nice drawing of Seamus) that he’d beat me down the lines each time. And sure he enough he was right—until the old man came from behind! Check out this Finn’s-Eye View:

And from my perspective, behold The Revenge! 😌

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Rollin’ on the River

What a different three years makes: when last we took the boys & their cousins whitewater rafting (gallery), ol’ Hen (then not quite age 7) hunkered down in the bottom of the raft, earning the name “The Turtle” as his hat & life preserver pretty well entombed him for the whole ride. But check out a side-by-side of how he looked then (left) vs. during yesterday’s trip (right):

We had a blast zooming along the very full and fast-moving Arkansas River yesterday (128 tons of water flowing by every second!), as you can see in our photo gallery and in the vid below. Patrick & Charlie stepped up to the front this time, forming quite handy human shields while the rest of us paddled from behind. Finn was the model of quietly focused efficiency you’d expect, and Henry gave some good pulls when not being distracted by sunken park benches & whatnot.

Turn up your speakers for the vid & you’ll catch some fun dialog, including Hen’s signature mix of grousing & celebration. 😛💦