Evening Waterworks

Just a typical Thursday night at La Casa de Micronaxx. 🙂


Our “Hot Air Balloon” Ride

How about an uplifting video for Monday?

Taken during a recent sojourn to Gilroy Gardens.

Babyslang Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: From Crookdegarten to Schwarzenegger

  • Terminology:
    • “Dad-O, do kid crooks go to kindergarten?” asks Finn. “Yeah,” says Henry, “it’s called ‘Crookdegarten!'”
    • Finn’s telling Margot about “the South”: “It’s hillbillies driving in circles all day. They call it ‘NICECAR.'” (I’ve taught him well.)
    • “Mom-O, we’re not getting you any cake for Mother’s Day,” says Finn, “just some sand & a bag of guff!” (“Is guff Gummi?” asks Henry.)
    • Finn’s increasingly fascinated by Schwarzenegger. “Do *ost*riches also come from *Aust*ria?”
    • “Look at that plane pulling a frog book!” Henry says, seeing a plane towing a Geico gecko banner.
  • Aviary:
    • Finn on nature this AM: “Dad-O, I hear birds tweeting! I think they’re using Twitter! (Can you tweet that?)” Love the monster we’ve made 🙂
    • Finn & I are exploring nature.
      Me: “Hear those birds tweeting, bud?”
      Finn: “Yeah–I think they have tiny iPads.”
  • Exercise:
    • “Do more sets, Dad-O!!” insists my 4yo weight trainer. “You’re doing that resting thing where your heart gets all small!”
    • Nudist Finn is attempting to “skate” across our room on Perfect Push-Ups, all while singing Rocky’s theme. “Getting *strong* nooow…” That’s my boy!
    • Finn swings by, bends over, and kisses my chest. “I’m giving you a peck on the pec!” he explains.

A Fistful of ‘Sicles

One hot day, two thirsty dudes, and a fistful of popsicles? Yeah, that’s a good day. 🙂 Here’s a little set of pix.

[Update: My friend Uri writes, “You should have named it sNacks :)” –J.]


The (Young) Man In Black

“Well,” Finn tells a visitor, “there’s a guy named John, and his wife has this cat, and the lady wastes up all his money on a hat & some fancy cat food. So the next day John finds a note that says ‘Dear John honey baby I’m long gone.’ So he goes and asks the railroad station guy who says ‘She went that way!,’ and he asks the grandma & finds the lady at a restaurant & takes her & the cat home!” And that, friends, is a pretty dead-on summary of Johnny Cash’s Mean-Eyed Cat. I think it deserves a commemorative shirt, don’t you? 🙂


Conveyor Belt of Woe!

Who needs biology books when one has a body to observe?

Poor Finn can be predictably clumsy as he grows, and lately his feet have borne a rain of terror. A few months back he dropped a Mater toy on his big toe, producing a big red bruise under the nail. He was fascinated to learn that the “hurty” would slowly migrate off the end of the toe, “like a little conveyor belt.” We were almost to the end of that race—but dang it, down fell more metal objects!

Now Finn offers tours of his foot-wounds, kind of like a historian would show the rings of a giant sequoia: “Yeah, that’s where Mater got me, and then that’s where the iPad fell, and over on this foot you can see where I dropped the WD-40 can…”

Tangential business idea: Steel-toed Crocs!

Babyslang Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: Dinner & A Movie

  • Food:
    • I taught the boys a bit about Teddy Roosevelt.
      “‘Speak softly…'” whispers Finn.
      “Yeah,” says Henry, “‘…and carry a big snack!'”
    • Finn’s growing antsy after dinner out. “I wanna do that dash-and-dine technique!”
    • After the dentist we went to Wienerschnitzel for what Finn dubs “emergency corn dogs.”
    • Finn’s skeptical that Leo could’ve been bathed/dried so fast. (Margot had swapped Leos.) “I guess Mom-O must’ve put him in the panini press…”
  • Cinema:
    • The boys hear movie quotes on NPR.
      Finn to Henry: “You can’t handle the truth!”
      Henry, indignant: “I can handle the truth!!”
    • Finn holds his filthy lion blankie to his nose, huffing deeply. “He’s a 4yo Dennis Hopper,” says his proud mom.
    • Naked Finn channels Daniel Day-Lewis: “If you’ve got a fruit bar, & I’ve got a fruit bar, I stretch acroooooss the room… I. Eat. Your. Fruit bar!!”
  • Star Wars:
    • Henry puts his bib over his face. “Now I’m Darth Vader!” Then he spins it around back to make his cape.
    • “‘Benefits?'” asks an incredulous Finn, listening to NPR. “It’s actually Boba Fetts!”
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Tum Thumpers

Man, who knew that for the last several years, a seriously terrific toy was sitting right under—or rather, over—our noses?

In the bath the other night, the guys became drinkin’ buddies, discovering the joys of chugging water straight from the tap. Here’s a little set of photos showing their antics, complete with requisite tummy-jousting (“Look how big my belly is!” “No, my belly’s bigger!”). The drinking has become a recurring ritual, and in seemingly related news, we’ve had to upgrade Henry’s overnight pull-ups to Extreme Deluge Control level. 😉


Mr. Sandmen

“Dad-O, can you disarm us & dis-leg us and dis-butt us?” With pleasure! 🙂