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Little Luchadores do Vegas

The Finnster (our little Mexican wrestling enthusiast–more on that later) had a great time meeting his Southern Hemispherical counterpart, little Bruno “El Pompín” Rozenfeld. Our pal/Brunito’s dad Adolfo snapped this little gallery (HTML) plus a short video of the boys playing together. (Okay, at this age “playing together” mainly consists of Finn trying to sweep Bruno’s head with a paintbrush while Bruno works to master sitting… but hey, it’s a start!)


A Cheekful Sequel!

We got another good look at El Segundo this week via ultrasound. The doc wanted to see exactly how big he is (since I’m the size of a barn already!). After the ultrasound tech took the requisite measurements, we got to take a tour and see our little guy in action. The tech remarked on how big his cheeks look–just like his brother’s!
Seems as if our little guy is playing tricks with the time-space contiuum…although I am supposedly 30 weeks along, he measures up closer to 32 weeks! Maybe this means he’ll come a little early (please!), or maybe it just means he’s going to be *huuuuuuuuge* by the time he gets here. Either way we’re really looking forward to meeting him! Until then, here is a little gallery (HTML) of ultrasonic glamour shots.


Din Din with Da Da

Ah, I should have known better than to tempt Finn’s maw with the camera right before dinner! (Rest assured, the inevitable ensues.)

Too bad I didn’t manage to capture the little guy saying “dinner.” He’s really getting quite good at it, along with saying things like “milk,” “cracker,” “noodle,” and more.


What Happens In Vegas…

Oh, how I wish what happens in Vegas would stay in Vegas! We 3 Nacks had a good time seeing our pals Adolfo, Romina, and Brunito, but man we were fighting some tough circumstances during our stay.
Wandering around in the Las Vegas heat while 7 months pregnant with a raging head cold is, well, not ideal. What I thought was just allergies is actually a nasty cold (which John also got during our stay), which I am *still* getting over and which has now passed itself to Finny. Trying to keep a little guy fed, entertained, and not-too-sleep-deprived is a tough order when all you *really* want to do is blow your nose and rest in a dark room.
And then Finny had his own sleep issues…he was so *not* interested in the crib we requisitioned from the hotel. He slept there one time (because he was probably too pooped to complain much) but the rest of the time it was in the bed with mom and dad and their stuffy heads. Naps, nighttime sleep, all of it. And waking up when you’d leave the bed to go to the bathroom or get a drink. Yeesh.
Now that we’re back he’s struggling to readjust to sleeping and napping in his own crib. Yesterday afternoon and last night were not too bad but this morning’s nap went nuclear for about 45 minutes until he just plain pooped himself out. I tried staying in his room and patting him but that didn’t seem to help at all…and leaving him on his own had the same effect (more crying). Finally he gave up the fight, and hopefully this afternoon’s nap will go a little smoother. I think replacing his rancid, dirty “Leo” with a clean one threw him off his game, too, but I worry his mouth’ll rot out if he keeps sucking on something that smells like a hamper full of dirty socks!


Vegas, babies!

We’re here in Las Vegas with Finny to meet up with some far-flung friends. There’s a big tradeshow this week that John is attending, as is his friend Adolfo-from-Argentina. Adolfo’s wife Romina, and cute-as-can-be son Bruno are here, so we decided to come as a threesome as well. We last saw Adolfo and Romina when Finn was only a few months old, and Romina was pregnant with Bruno. We’re all so excited to see each other again, and to see how our boys are growing up.
We arrived Monday afternoon and will stay through this afternoon. Bruno’s already a strapping 7-month old! Romina and I stick out like sore thumbs amongst the overly tanned, processed, and botoxed females in Vegas. We’ve got our diaper bags, strollers, and little containers of kid snacks :-). We’re looking forward to sharing photos of our poolside adventure and more as soon as Adolfo can upload them.


Play Date – Aqua Edition

Margot has recently joined Las Madres, a group that sets up little activities for the small fry & their folks. She & Finn have been going to various functions, and on Saturday the three of us headed to a backyard kiddie-pool swim session. Finn & a new lady-friend enjoyed administering doses of fresh citrus to the water (nope, oranges don’t float), and like the other parents we took some photos
(HTML) to share.


Tri(-Syllabic) This On For Size

Finno is exploring language like mad. He’s recently learned to say “Toot toot!” when hearing a train in the distance; he beeps along with trucks backing up; and he offers a commanding impression of Harley Davidsons rumbling by.
Now he’s trying to move into three-syllabled territory. Current projects:

  • Domendite: Our silly word for toes. Finn likes to start poking my shoes insistently while trying to loosen the laces, saying “Domen, domen!” The “-dite” part is now getting clearer.
  • Polkabats: We enjoy reading about these crazy creatures “dropping smelly polka-turds on people down below.”
  • Poop Robot: The little guy A) wears robot PJs, and B) loves to eat dried fruit. How ’bout we just leave it at that?
  • Mahna Mahna!: A crazy old Muppet song provides much distracting entertainment on car trips.

Looking Up!

Every day–literally every single day–Finn gets more and more interactive, and of course that means more and more fun. (Geez, sorry if I start laying it on too thick. We just find this little dude so amazing.) Tonight we enjoyed some (literally) laid-back clowning with Mom, captured in this little gallery (HTML).


Baby Submarine

Apropos of nothing, here’s a shot of our water-loving lad at swim class a few weeks ago–the moment captured by a pro photographer under the surface:

We’re really looking forward to the opening of the neighborhood pool. Until then, we’re doing our best to encourage much bathtub kicking & splashing, and Dad & the Squirty Fish team up to hose down Finn’s little mug (much to his delight).

Easter Photos

Happy Easter!

Hey, everyone–happy Easter!
Margot, the Finn-man, and & I journeyed south to Carmel on Sunday and had a ball with our friends the Whitsons (parents of Bryan Hughes), Bryan and his wife Alex & their wee son Miles, plus Bryan’s grandmother & Alex’s mom. Being so far away from most of our own families, it’s really special for us to feel so welcomed, and we couldn’t have had a nicer time.
Finno was an excellent traveller, and with the exception of a 1-hour screech-a-thon (i.e. what should have been his afternoon nap), he was his usual charming self throughout the proceedings (including Monday morning, as we stayed overnight). Highlights included:

  • meeting Grace the giant doggie
  • “playing” all manner of wooden musical instruments (as distributed by pied piper Bryan)
  • tearing around with MrsW’s childhood stuffed lion, and
  • “sweeping people off their feet” with a little paint brush.

The “Papa-razzi” (aka Dads with Cams) were out in force, so here’s a gallery (HTML) of the goings-on. Young Miles is well represented, making me think back to just how tiny Finn was at Easter last year. Bryan has been busy constructing a deck with his dad, but I look forward to seeing and sharing his photos from the day soon.
As Margot is in Seattle right now, maybe Finn and I can christen the bubble-blowing kit from his Easter basket this afternoon.


Funky Ducks!

Finn has been *really* interested in ducks lately. Pretty much any kind of bird that appears in his picture books gets called “duck.” Even things that have nothing to do with birds get the duck treatment! We thought it would be fun to take Finn to a park where he could see real live ducks, and make the connection with what we see in his books.
We were sort of successful, in that we did see at least 3 actual ducks. Mostly we saw Canadian geese, though. Since Finn’s not old enough to split hairs on ducks vs. geese, we just called them all ducks. (I even had to explain to John that the little black duck-like birds we saw were terns, not ducks.) Anyway, here are some pictures (HTML) from our onshore adventures at the park.


Finnegan Nack, Child Barrister

Ah, you probably thought that this blog was the definitive source of Finn-related info online, right? So did I, until Margot turned up the illuminating Finnegan Facts site. Did you know, for instance, that:

  • Finnegan has the resources and expertise to formulate and execute global strategies?
  • In the last five years alone, Finnegan has represented clients in more than 100 Federal Circuit appeals?
  • In an era where partners routinely leave firms for greener pastures, Finnegan has sustained a remarkable retention rate?
  • Managing Intellectual Property Ranks Finnegan #1 in Patent Prosecution and ITC Litigation?
  • Finnegan Filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari in Bilski?

What a busy little man he is. 🙂 The legal gene may have skipped a generation, but Finny seems determined to restore the family tradition. (I think his cheeks will go really well with the powdered wig.)


Little brother, gettin’ realer…

During the Liggetts’ recent visit, Grandpa L. put his height to great use and helped paint the new baby’s room–a huge help to us. Now Margot has spent some time getting the room tuned up with some zooty space imagery, and Finn really digs playing in there (especially asking for “buh-buh” (bubbles)). Here’s a little gallery (HTML).


Area Squirrel Bogarts Ice Cream (Film at 11!)

We had quite the full weekend with the Finn-man. Activities included everything from picnicking & burying feet in sand at Our New Favorite Park, to having pals Anja, Mira, and Bruce over for dinner, to going for a long & challenging walk around the Stanford radio telescopes (complete with second picnic!).
During dinner yesterday this little guy decided that he really, really likes ice cream, and he decided that our “sharing” approach should go like this: “One bite for me, and then one bite for Dad me, followed by one bite for me, and then one bite for me…” And you know, I’ve gotta say that kid is surprisingly strong when he wants something!
Here are a few photos (HTML) from the goings-on.


Lucky 13

Finn is officially thirteen months old today! Just in the last week, he’s hit a few more milestones. For instance, he now says “Mama” directly to me, quite frequently. It’s unspeakably rad!
He is also very interested in some new characters in his story books. He is fascinated with the yak in our animal alphabet book, and wants to skip right from “Ape” to “Yak” so he can say “Yak” & “Moooooo”. We also have a book where the main character turns into a big bug who is slurping some kind of goo, and Finn *loves* to skip to the bug page and make slurpy noises. Oh, and his current favorite book is a hilarious one called “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!“–we must read it at least 3 times a day.
[Oh yes, and Finno and I love to play “Sproingy Doorstopper.” First we party on the actual sproingy doorstopper, making it waggle & chatter. Then I stick out one index finger, pull it back with the other, and then make it go all sproingy doorstopper, complete with surprisingly good sound effects. 😉 Finn is fascinated. –J.]