Fur sale: Goldendoodle coats now half off!

Funny what little changes can happen in a pandemic: In our case Mr. Seamus, without access to his normal groomer, was going full Chewbacca until we found a lady who took him into her home & applied one heck of a buzz cut.

Honestly the switch has been more than a little jarring, with Finn initially despairing that his pooch had become a “Flimsy lady-dog.” 🙄 But not to worry: the new look has been growing on us just as surely as Seamus’s hair has been regrowing on him, and we’ll meet in the middle just fine.

Here’s a little gallery showing our man before & after.

Easter Miscellaneous

Happy Easter 2020!

Hey gang! Just because we were stuck home due to quarantine didn’t mean we couldn’t have fun with the lads. After enjoying some delicious fudge eggs from Galena’s Kandy Kitchen (thanks, Grandma & Grandpa Nack!), we conducted one of the most memorable egg hunts I’ve ever experienced.

Finn had the idea that instead of just packing plastic eggs with candy (as per tradition), this year the kids would each devise four eggs with custom prizes for mom & dad, and we’d return the favor with four for each of the two of them.

Here’s a little gallery showing some of the eggs & their treasures, as well as a vid that captures some of the hunt: