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Happy Easter 2020!

Hey gang! Just because we were stuck home due to quarantine didn't mean we couldn't have fun with the lads. After enjoying some delicious fudge eggs from Galena's Kandy Kitchen (thanks, Grandma & Grandpa Nack!), we conducted one of the most memorable egg hunts I've ever experienced.

Finn had the idea that instead of just packing plastic eggs with candy (as per tradition), this year the kids would each devise four eggs with custom prizes for mom & dad, and we'd return the favor with four for each of the two of them.

Here's a little gallery showing some of the eggs & their treasures, as well as a vid that captures some of the hunt:


Easter Legos -> Trailer-park impresarios

Even though Finn recently declared that the Easter Bunny is a "ho-ho-hoax," he'd sure still like to get that candy. 😌 So would Henry, of course, and they gently reminded me that in past years the bunny has delivered little Lego sets in their baskets. So, to celebrate the occasion—as well as the resurrection of the Westy—we treated them to a pair of camping-themed kits.

Afterwards in the basement they created a little trailer park & campground (complete with water features, Cub Scouts cooking eggs, a corny dad with a selfie stick 🙄, an under-construction rail line, and much more). Check out a few pics plus the loot's arrival below:


Moose of the Sea

 We spent a wonderful (if salty, sandy, and tiring) Easter Sunday enjoying the beach & giving Mr. Seamus his first taste of the sea—making him at last the long-prophesied Sea Moose. 😌 Besides play-battling other dogs & digging well into the earth’s crust, Seamus enjoyed crashing out next to our little shade tent & standing dutiful, excitable watch against marauding seagulls. Check out a little gallery of photos, plus this vid of his seaside stylings:




Easter Scientists 🐰

After stalking Easter eggs & wolfing down their candy contents, the boys headed up to San Francisco with us on Sunday to explore the California Academy of Sciences. Check out a few glimpses of our day:


Happy Easter, everyone!

We hope you & yours are having a ball today. Here's a little peek into the egg-seeking missiles known as our sons, enjoying the tomfoolery with Tom Hogarty & fam:


Egg Men!

Happy (slightly belated) Easter, everyone!

On Saturday evening as I put him to bed, Finn asked (for the first time, mind you), "Hey, did we remember to put out Easter baskets?" Shortly thereafter I joined the ranks of the other dead-eyed, deadbeat parents trudging through the picked-over aisle at Target, ladling Peeps & nuclear-green "grass" into my bucket. Ay carumba.

Ah, but it was worth it as I scored a bunch of Cadbury Creme Eggs—a rare treat from my childhood. Here's a gallery of the sweet, sticky action as the boys wolfed them down the next day. And the hollow plastic eggs I found proved to be a smash: Margot loaded them up for the dudes to do a morning egg hunt, after which they hid eggs for us to find! I don't think I'd hunted eggs in 30 years. 🙂


Easter on the Beach

Yesterday our guys experienced their first taste (literally & figuratively) of the ocean! Henry has been insistently talking about "seaside" (prominently featured in a Thomas story), so it was great to experience the real thing. We visited Natural Bridges State Beach with young pals Cyrus & Hazel, their parents Michael & Juliana, and their visiting friends Konrad, Lisa, and young Max. The boys had a ball wading (with assistance) into the onrushing surf, and though their jaws were chattering ("I'm a helicopter! AhBaBaBaBa..." shivered Finn), we had to drag them out for periodic drying/warming sessions.

Here's our little gallery, kicking off with Henry's "Young Man and the Sea" routine.


Happy Easter!

Greetings from Mom-O & The Bunnymen!

(Click for larger version)


Happy Easter from the Nack Peeps

Hey, everyone--Happy Easter!  We've been having fun revving the boys up through the sugary goodness of marshmallow peeps, and little Henry has been enjoying his new stuffed bunny Rusty (hand-knit by Grandma Nack). With the lads ping-ponging around like Superballs, I'll keep things brief, but here's a little gallery (HTML) of the action.

Wishing you great blessings today,
The Nack Fam


Easter 2.0

Our pal Bryan recently shared with us the photos he took during our Easter visit to his folks' house in Carmel. The bubble-blowing pipes in Finn's Easter basket provided all sorts of entertainment for the little guy & dad, and both Finn and Grace--a dog literally 4 times his weight!--did great together. Here's our gallery (HTML).


Happy Easter!

Hey, everyone--happy Easter!
Margot, the Finn-man, and & I journeyed south to Carmel on Sunday and had a ball with our friends the Whitsons (parents of Bryan Hughes), Bryan and his wife Alex & their wee son Miles, plus Bryan's grandmother & Alex's mom. Being so far away from most of our own families, it's really special for us to feel so welcomed, and we couldn't have had a nicer time.
Finno was an excellent traveller, and with the exception of a 1-hour screech-a-thon (i.e. what should have been his afternoon nap), he was his usual charming self throughout the proceedings (including Monday morning, as we stayed overnight). Highlights included:

  • meeting Grace the giant doggie
  • "playing" all manner of wooden musical instruments (as distributed by pied piper Bryan)
  • tearing around with MrsW's childhood stuffed lion, and
  • "sweeping people off their feet" with a little paint brush.

The "Papa-razzi" (aka Dads with Cams) were out in force, so here's a gallery (HTML) of the goings-on. Young Miles is well represented, making me think back to just how tiny Finn was at Easter last year. Bryan has been busy constructing a deck with his dad, but I look forward to seeing and sharing his photos from the day soon.
As Margot is in Seattle right now, maybe Finn and I can christen the bubble-blowing kit from his Easter basket this afternoon.


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone. Here's hoping that this message finds you well. We all had a wonderful day with both sets of grandparents on hand, putting up with the in-house paparazzo (me, of course). Here are the festivities.
The Nacks are winging their way home early tomorrow morning, while the Liggetts will be here for another week, helping to ease the transition as I return to work.