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“Gahweetawings & Salutations”

Our local “Finnish dialect” is evolving, with our big guy getting better able to pronounce things–not to mention more apt to deliberately contort them. (“Lion” is “Looen” this week. (“What’s that looen doin’??”) Here’s the Finnster from a few weeks ago:

And here he is talking earlier this week:
[audio:|titles=Greetings & Salutations]

Off to practice “Constantinople & Timbuktu” (from Hop on Pop),


Dept. of Corrections

Finn has taken to “correcting” my pronunciations of various words, carefully and patiently sounding them out so I can hear the “right” way. Examples:

  • I say “Carousel;” he says “CARROT-sell!”
  • I say “Lanterns;” he says “LAMP-turns!”

More as Dad-O’s education proceeds. 😉


Countdown to Muffin! (No Bluffin’)

There’s no telling what hilarity is going to ensue when Finny starts chatting with us over dinner. Tonight he was enjoying a bowl of oatmeal with chopped dried apricots (quickly dubbed “oopricoots” by our little guy) when he spied me grabbing a miniature brownie from a package on the counter. Ever vigilant, he asked me what I was eating. Instead of trying to wade through the details of describing a miniature brownie, I simply called it a “muffin.”

Seeing that the “muffin” in question was chocolate, Finny declared “All done with dinner! Finny would like a muffin!” I told him he needed to finish his oatmeal and oopricoots, and then we’d talk about having some muffin. He wasn’t really going for it, so I suggested that we count 10 more bites of oatmeal, and if he ate all ten, then he could have the muffin. For laughs, I told him we’d count backwards, from 10 down to one.

Following is a dramatic retelling of the countdown.

M: “Ok, big lion-bite! that’s 10”

F: “Now muffin!”

M: “Well, not yet, we have 9 more bites to go. Nine! Way to go!”

F: “Uh-huh, muffin.”

M: “We’re still doing oatmeal. Eight! Seven!”

F: “Now muffin!”

M: “Not yet, six more bites. Six!”

F: “All done with oatmeal! Muffin!”

M: “Okay, what number comes before six?”

F: “Muffin!”

M: “Five…then what’s next? Not three but…”

F: “Muffin!”

M: “Well I was shooting for ‘4’, but now we’re at three. Three more..”

F: “Finny want that muffin!”

He made his way valiantly to the last bite, at which point he was richly rewarded with the muffin. It disappeared into his boca with nary a crumb remaining!

Haircuts Photos

Happy Haircut Henry

Yesterday all the Nack boys big and small took a trip to “Tom the Barber” for haircuts. It was Henry’s first trim, and he dealt pretty well with all the strange new sensations while sitting in Dad-o’s lap. Finn was an old pro, seeming very relaxed and self-assured as Tom gave his locks a much-needed chippity-chop. Here is a fun little gallery of the proceedings. Dad-o was the last to go, and since Tom had to run his kid’s baseball glove to him at Little League, Dad-o got trimmed up by Tom’s brother while Mom-o and the guys headed home for some lunch.

All three dudes look neat, clean, and handsome as ever. We even got a little “First Haircut” certificate and keepsake lock of Henry’s hair to take with us.


¡Hombres Pequeños y Grandes!

This past weekend our Argentinian friends Adolfo, Romina, and their son Bruno rolled into SJ for a visit. When we last saw them in Vegas last spring, Brunito was only about 7 months old. Now he’s a big, mobile, curly-topped 18-month old, and I think he had a pretty good time “kickandalo” with our guys.

Adolfo took some great pics (HTML) of all the guys (Dad-O included!) goofing around in the backyard and at “Traintrackpark.” At one point, Finny was clearly enjoying his chocolate milk, and then later Bruno was really digging the bottle, which was dubbed “Coca!”

[Of the “Audi Assault” photo, Adolfo writes on Facebook, “Bruno wearing an anti-anti-riot helmet as he fights capitalism with a curl making device | Bruno con un casco anti-antidisturbios, mientras combate al capitalismo con un artefacto hacedor de rulos.” Or as Finn puts it, “Bruno tried to bonk the Ocho!” 🙂 –J.]


22-10-28…Hut Hut Hut!

Our little Quique (a nickname for Enrique) had his 9-month checkup today. He was an absolute dream at Dr. S’s office while we waited for the poking, prodding, and shots. He currently clocks in at 22 lbs. 10 oz., and 28 inches tall. That makes him a little smaller than his big bro at the same age. He’s got eight chompers with more starting to make their way to the top–the doc said she could see that his back molar area was a bit swollen already.

Dr. S. asked if he responds to his name, but I said that I didn’t think so, based on the fact that we have about a million nicknames for him–he’s probably not too sure what his real name is! But he’s on track with all the other milestones for his age–proto-crawling, clapping, pincer grasp, babbling and playing peek-a-boo, and starting to wave.

We wrapped up our day with a session on the front porch settee, watching the world go by in the early evening. Henry was placid as could be, quietly observing everything that crossed his path. We’ll go back to Dr. S. for his 12-month checkup sooner than we know it!


Solo with the Sea-Moose

Dateline San Jose: I’m pleased to report that Dad-O and the boys remain alive and well during our first Mom-free weekend!

Yesterday we took Margot to the airport so that she could join her pals in Seattle for a jazz fest & some good times. Finn is convinced she’s off to see “Pilates ladies” plus “Hip Cat and Minnie,” jazz-loving characters from one of his books.

The passage of time was helped immeasurably by the presence of our pals Adolfo, Romina, and 18-month-old Bruno, visiting from Buenos Aires. The weather being perfect, we enjoyed a park picnic with “Meat Hut” sandwiches and later a trip to our favorite pizza place. Bruno was bowled over by all the Thomas paraphernalia at our house, the park, and Target, waving like a little madman at the trains. He dubbed Finn’s chocolate milk bottle “Coca (Cola),” so Finn & I have been playing “Coca, coca!” for the last 24 hours. The three boys even got special fireman sticker-badges from the crew who backed their big red rig up to the sandwich shop.

Adolfo & Romina are the South American Margot & me when it comes to playing with words, and they always refer to Henry as “Henry Seamus”–though not knowing Irish pronunciations (how would they?), they’ve been pronouncing the latter “Sea-Moose.” Conjures up quite a visual, doesn’t it? And when I I told them that “Seamus” means “James,” they had big fun dubbing the little guy “Enrique Jaime,” saying the name makes him a shoo-in to star on a Mexican telenovela. 🙂

In any case, the boys are just stirring from their naps, and Margot should be touching down in a few hours. We can’t wait to see & share all the photos Adolfo snapped.


Amazing Grace & Leo

“I once was lost but now am found…” — Leo, Lion Buddy to the Stars

Finny, Dad-O, and our beloved, dirty-tailed little friend had quite a scare last Saturday. The three of us had headed to local hardware store/child sensory bombardment theater OSH, dubbed “GOSH” by Finn. After spending an inordinate (but delightful) amount of time inspecting sprinklers (“That a little windmill! Make it turn-turn-turn!”), spoingy hoses (“That look like Mom-O!”–presumably in the hair department), and more, we departed to get wood at Home Depot. Well, Finn and I departed, that is. Getting out of the car, I got that gut-turning feeling: Where is the little buddy??

Back we drove as fast as the Ocho would carry us, making a beeline for the shopping carts (no Leo) and Customer Service (no sign of him). Having a team of backup “stunt Leos” strategically cached around our house, I’d already begun prepping Finn with a story about how “maybe a dude brought him back to our house,” calling Margot to prepare a swap. We retraced our steps, checked everywhere, but no dice. And then, at the last minute… our cashier said she’d seen someone throw Leo in the garbage!

An lo, there was much rejoicing! Finn gave Leo a giant “skeez,” hugging his buddy all the way home. Given the little guy’s condition, we did arrange a quick swap (“Oh, Leo has to take a bath”) to a cleaner version. Whew–all’s well that ends well. And thanks again, cashier-lady, wherever you may be.


Pacific Time

We just wrapped up a lovely evening with the boys. Apparently it was Nack-Boy Meltdown Theater™ earlier this afternoon, so our nanny prescribed a late afternoon nap for both Henry and Finny. They slept from 4:15 until I got home around 5:15, and when they got up, both were absolutely in top form. Finny was happy and keeping himself busy, and Henry was the most pacific he’s been in ages. Super cuddly and babbly and 100% nice-to-be-around.

We decided to go out to the pizza place for dinner since bedtime would be getting pushed back, and we all had a great time. Finn was excited to watch the pizza man squash the dough in the press, and also thrilled to wash down his pizza with a little chocolate gelato afterwards. Henry remained cool and calm the whole time, quietly eating his dinner and observing the goings on. It was such a nice way to spend the evening. Now Henry’s in bed with nary a peep of protest, and Finn’s on his way, having just finished his bath.



The big day has finally come…time to set up Finn’s “big boy bed”! Grandpa Liggett has given Finny the bed from his childhood, although the bed itself is probably older than the Civil War (purchased at a farm sale waaaaay back when by my grandpa). It’s a beautiful big wooden bed. All we had to do was get a new mattress for it, since nobody really wants to sleep on one that dates to the 19th century.

In addition to the new, super-comfy foam mattress, we got giraffe sheets, a monkey pillow, and bed rails so our guy doesn’t tumble out in his sleep. I got the whole shebang set up this afternoon before Finny’s nap, so he could check it out and start taking some practice runs. The accompanying video is a pretty good summation of his excitement about the new bed, although for now he has chosen to continue sleeping in the crib (which is still set up in his room).

[On that note, I was pretty sure that “Bedlam” was going to turn into “Bed-lam,” with the Finnster going on the lam! Mom-O made it clear, though: Leaving the bed meant heading to the crib–an offer he accepted. –Dad-O]


Henry OchoNuevo

Today Henry turns 9 months old. Wowee, how time flies! Little Mr. H. has been working on lots of milestones lately. Two new teeth emerged last week after a long, painful, whiny stint of teething, bringing his tooth-count to 8 (ocho!)! He’s also been rolling from back to front (finally!) and back again. I honestly thought he’d never master the back-to-front roll, since he seemed so content to stay on his back once he’d rolled off his tum.

He’s started migrating around the crib during the night, has graduated from baby food to table food, and is learning how to transition from sitting to lying on his tummy. He’s not too happy once he’s stuck lying on the ground, but he does enjoy the process of leeeeeeaning forward until he can stretch himself completely out. Henry seems to really dig standing up in his excersaucer, which we’ve dubbed his “disco” thanks to its music-themed doodads and the music that it emits.

All in all, he’s a happy little guy with an adorable, puckish grin, which usually emerges as he’s watching his big bro’s antics in the tub or at the dinner table. The two brothers really seem to get a kick out of one another these days.


Men in Trees

Sometimes with kids, a friend once told me, “The days are long by the years are short.” Last Monday, though, I think Finn & would’ve been content to spend all night watching a team of tree trimmers ply their trade among some nearby telephone wires. It was a beautiful spring evening, and having passed the crew on my way home, I rushed in to tell Finn the news. He wolfed down the remains of his dinner, and we spent the next hour or so watching & narrating the proceedings: “That truck have little feet… What that dude in the cherry picker doing?… Dude got a leaf blower!”… and so on, Finn said, taking little breaks to “help” scoop up woodchips using dual spatulas.

I kept hearing Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” playing in my head. The only thing better would be to have Henry and Margot along for the ride, though I think it’ll be a bit before the little guy can handle the roar of a wood chipper. 🙂

[Click for a larger image.]


Caped Crusader!

Fun: Birthday party in the park with pals and cupcakes.
Ultra-mega-fun: Birthday party in the park with pals and cupcakes and a free cape!

Superheroic Finn & a whole posse of little partygoers were the happy recipients of stylin’ felt capes–complete with their big initials–thanks to fellow Las Madres tot Mabel and her mom Elizabeth.  Thanks, guys!

[Click for a larger version.]

Easter Photos

Happy Easter from the Nack Peeps

Hey, everyone–Happy Easter!  We’ve been having fun revving the boys up through the sugary goodness of marshmallow peeps, and little Henry has been enjoying his new stuffed bunny Rusty (hand-knit by Grandma Nack). With the lads ping-ponging around like Superballs, I’ll keep things brief, but here’s a little gallery (HTML) of the action.

Wishing you great blessings today,
The Nack Fam

Audio Clips

Dirty Dipes (Done Dirt Cheap!)

With apologies to AC/DC, I’ve gotten Finn hooked on describing diaper-changing time as “Dirty Dipes (Done Dirt Cheap!)”. Here, take a listen (click the little arrow below):[audio:|titles=DoneDirtCheap]
With the weather improving & our outside time increasing, of course his feet are getting dirtier–leading to sessions where we sing about “Dirty (Domen)dites.” Lots o’ fun.

By the way, I left the audio unedited as I kind of enjoy the way Finn’s verbal stylings resemble early flying machines: they often start out strong enough, only to derail hilariously. 🙂