Micronaxx The adventures of Finn & Henry


Riveting Rosie & the Hoo-Crew

The lads were excited to suit up & get down to candy-eating & crafts at their friend Ella's house this weekend. Here are a few pics of the whole gang, including ma in her kerchief & I in my too-tight cap.


We Are The Champions

...of biking in circles around Hummingbird Park, anyway. 🙂 Onward & upward for bike-meister Finn.


New costumes swoop & roar into town!

Boy did I have a high opinion of myself in autumns growing up: Every year "I" would win a prize for having the best costume (headless horseman, knight, California Raisin, etc.). Little did I realize, of course, that the honors should go to my tirelessly creative mom, wielder of felt, glue, papier-mâché, and more.

Now Margot has taken up the proud mantle & is making excellent costumes for young Nacks. Check out her latest handiwork! 🙂

When I came downstairs yesterday, Henry popped out from behind a door in full owl regalia. After wildly "hoo"-ing at me for a few seconds, he thoughtfully lifted up his mask and said, "Don't worry, it's just me, Henry—not a real owl." 🙂


Young Explorers

On Sunday we had a ball taking the lads to San Francisco's beautifully redesigned & relocated Exploratorium. Here's a little taste of the goings-on (minus the live cow-eyeball dissection or microscopic peeks inside termite guts!):

Who doesn't love a Slinky?


Two-Wheelin’ Feelin’!

Yesterday was a big day for Mr. Finnegan Nack - he mastered the art of two-wheeling!

Last weekend, after we got his flat tire fixed at the bike shop, he was eyeing a new "Mike's Bikes" water bottle, and a new LED tail light for his bike. I told him that if he learned how to ride without his training wheels, he could get the bottle and light. Boy - had I known how well a little incentive was going to work, I would've done this ages ago!

We started practicing without his training wheels last weekend before I left for Germany, and spent about an hour going up and down the driveway with Finn pedaling and me holding him upright by the bike seat and handlebars. We had our second and final round of practice yesterday morning at the park down the street - which is perfectly laid out for bike practice! It's essentially a big circular sidewalk around a playground. Finn rode to the park with the training wheels, and then when we got to the park, we took them off and started practicing.

I could tell it wasn't going to take long, because I wasn't really holding on to the seat very hard anyway. I was mainly acting as moral support - coaching a worried, semi-weeping Finny by running alongside and chanting a lot of "I think I can I think I can" (while he thought I was holding the seat). Of course he had a few spills and run-ins with the play equipment, but after catching his breath and wiping off tears, he was back in the saddle. I told Finny that he had to believe that he could do it - because if he didn't believe in himself, it was going to be really hard to do it. He did not like that messaging, but it must've gotten through - because once he forgot to be worried and just focus on pedaling and staying upright, he did great!

The goal we set for earning the water bottle and tail light was two complete laps around the park without stopping. In less than an hour, our boy nailed it! We celebrated with lots of cheering and hugging, and Finny rode his bike all the way home - with many stops and starts, but without the training wheels! (You can see his happy yet exhausted-and-weepy expression in the photo gallery). We then proceeded to go to Manley's for celebratory doughnuts before a stop at the bikeshop to pick out his prizes.


Roaring Campers

The lads & I had a ball on Saturday as we took their pal Magdalena over to the harvest festival at Roaring Camp Railroad. We got to build & stuff our own scarecrows (which lie disintegrating on our driveway now; oy, gotta do something about that), ride the railroad, and get pumpkins at the top of Bear Mountain. Check out the gang in action!


Hams in the Tub, 2013

I'm pleased to report that our guys remain as goofy & playful as they ever were in the tub—maybe even more so now. Here's a tiny gallery of the non-tiny dudes enjoying some mohawk action.



Crazy haircuts & beards aren't just for punks & ZZ Top. Bubble bath helps our guys get stylish in the tub:

Meanwhile Finny has been singing the ABCs in Spanish incessantly, in a variety of crazy accents. Here he does his impression of "Chris Cornell" from Soundgarden:


Ma Belle

Tonight as Margot was enjoying a girls' night out, I heard the lads rustling around in the TV room. Henry was bumping the remote, trying to "accidentally" turn on the TV. As he & Finn pondered how its little screen would light up, I heard Finn getting frustrated & asked what was the matter.

"Well Dad-O," he said, "there are a bunch of numbers on it, and I pressed 408-444-2565, but it's not calling Mom-O!"

I chuckled, complimented him on actually knowing her number, and then showed him how to dial the number on an actual telephone. Surprises never cease. 🙂



...is for Happily Hiding Henry. 🙂