Haircuts Photos

Barbershop Trio

*Man* do our haircuts ever come with a free helping of drama. :-p G-Man flashes through every emotion under the sun, it seems, only to end up chuckling at the business end of Barber Tom’s blower. Check out a taste of our Saturday:

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Girls and Boys

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to leave for work, the boys and I were chatting by the back door. A propos of nothing, Finny asked, “Mom-o, how do you tell girl and boy babies apart?”

I knew he already knew the (anatomical) answer, so, Jeopardy-style, I phrased my answer in the form of a question: “Well, Finny, girls and boys look different, don’t they? How would you tell them apart?”

F: “Boys have hair like this (pointing to his hair), and girls have curly hair like you!”

M: “Well, sometimes that’s true, but that’s not the only way to tell. What else is different?”

F: “Boys wear velcro shoes (pointing to his sneakers), and girls don’t (pointing to my flats).”

M: “True. What about their bodies? Do their bodies look different?”

Henry: “Girls wear lipstick!”

Dad-o: {now chuckling audibly offstage, in the TV room}

M: “Well…yes…but there’s one definite way to tell when you look at a naked girl baby or a naked boy baby, right? How do you go to the bathroom?”

F: “Oh! Yeah! Girls don’t have one of these! (pointing to his underpants…)

aaaaand, SCENE.


Bouncin’ with Skynyrd

Perhaps you’ve glimpsed Happy Hollow’s famous “Froggy Double Shot” from afar, as I had—but until now I’d never gotten to experience the vertical mayhem. Here, won’t you join us? 🙂


Of Semaphores & Nack Power

We’ve been enjoying all manner of hand jive at Chez Nack:

  • “When I put my hand on my head & hold up an index finger,” Finn informs us, “that means ‘Treacherous Idea,’ and when I hold up my pinky, that means ‘Nice-Guy Idea.'” You can guess which one he holds up most of the time!
  • Margot has taught the lads the phrase, “Who’s got two thumbs and…” So, out of the blue you’ll hear one of them ask, “Who’s got two thumbs [points to himself] and loves Thomas videos? This guyyyy!!”
  • The other morning Margot asked for various shows of hands (e.g. “Who likes Oat Squares?”). And in a moment we’d all raised our fists in a show of Olympics-style Nack Power!
  • Lastly—and maybe most interestingly—Finn has devised a system of “go” signals, each tailored to one of us. For example, to tell us it’s “go time,” he taps both fists to his forehead, then points both hands forward. My sign is the same, except that I’m to tap my nose, then point. Mom-O to tap her ears, and Henry’s to tap his chin. (You can see the boys demonstrating variations in the sequences below.) Weird, eh? And yet it kinda works: Before school I’ll fix Finn in my gaze, tap my nose, and point towards the Ocho. And away we go!


Leonine Greetings

And a very good morning to you. 🙂


Rockin’ the Beach

Begone, ye seagulls: Gaze upon young Finnster’s air “guitar” and tremble!


The name’s Nack, *Finn* Nack

Double-oh-four. 🙂

Babyslang Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: The United Steaks of Apostles

  • Food:
    • “Dad-O, I wish we lived in the United Steaks,” declares Finn. “Leo & I just *looove* meat!”
    • “Dad-O, I don’t like McDonald’s pickles.”
      “But you like other pickles, right?”
      “Yeah, but McDonald’s pickles are made in China.”
    • Margot: (squeezing Henry’s toes) “This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home.”
      Henry: “No he didn’t!”
      Margot: “He didn’t? What did he do?”
      Henry: “He went to Mojo Burger! And this one went to the pizza place!”
  • Hair:
    • “My hair got in my eyes, Dad-O,” reported shaggy Finn, “but I just put Leo on my head [he demonstrates]. He’s my hair clip!”
    • Finn, trying to stall bedtime: “Dad-O, here’s a deal: go cut off your whiskers & do your homework, then come back and cuddle with me.”
  • Science:
    • Halloween fun with the tots: Margot: “What if grandma & grandpa were ghosts?” Henry: “Nooo! They have to be humans! (Silly Mom-O.)”
    • Morning science questions: Finn: “Dad-O, why is Santa octurnal?”
      Henry: “Yeah, like bats & owls & apostles?”

A Great & Terrible Discovery

Oh boy… During a little car washing yesterday, Finn was like the bone-tossing ape in 2001: he chucked a sodden paper towel towards the trash, but accidentally nailed the garage wall—where it stuck! Man was he excited, and it was “game on” from there. I smile & wince (“swince”?) as I remember making that same discovery with my cousins & friends. Oh, the wet, kinetic mischief that followed… Well, enjoy, my boy. 🙂

Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms Music Edition: “Police Navidad” & More

  • G-Man:
    • “‘Steely Dan?'” Henry’s incredulous. “What do they steal?”
      Me: “No, ‘steel,’ like metal.”
      H: “Why do they steal metal??”
    • Hen, on hearing some hip hop: “Rap music?! Turn that off!!” He then cries ’til we give in & turn on Johnny Cash.
    • Henry is mashing up “Peanuts” with Peter Gabriel. “Shock the Lucy to-night!” he sings.
    • Henry’s midday requests: Some soup, Dave Brubeck, and a nap. #MyBoy
    • Henry asks me to explain a Taylor Swift breakup song.
      Me: “You’ll understand when you’re older.”
      H: “Maybe I won’t want to understand…”
  • Finnster:
    • “I can easily make this girl’s voice with my body,” says Finn of Ellie Goulding. “I can’t make that Axl Rose stuff, though.”
    • From deep within a pile of Lego forest police loot, Finn’s begun to sing: “Police Navidad!”
    • Finn’s singing his bizarre version of Rudolph: “…You might even say it blows!” (He calls the character “The Ol’ ‘Dolph.)
    • “Dad-O, when i grow up I want to be a policeman who acts like a ninja,” Finn tells me, “but not a bad cop like that Sheriff John Brown.” [from I Shot The Sheriff]
    • I hear Finn singing: “‘…so call me maybe.’ Oh Dad-O, that song gets stuck in my head! I sing it at preschool, I sing it everywhere!!
  • The boys on “Dirty Deeds”: “AC/DC sound like pirates!” Of the Ramones’ “Sheena”: “These guys are old warriors! They’re berserkers!”
  • I imagine our always-underfoot kids singing like the Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane”: “HERE I am!! (bom, bomp) FORM a human bar-i-cade!!”
  • The boys are becoming a bit “pants-optional.” I now sing to them some modified Beatles: “Hey! You’ve Got To Hide Your Butt Away.”