Micronaxx The adventures of Finn & Henry


Tickling Monstrosity!

Our pal Maria from Kansas City (last seen at Chez Nack making a very young Finn squeal for his supper) just sent us a super fun Tickle Monster book--complete with ticklin' gloves! Check out this little gallery (HTML) of shots I snagged with my phone camera. You can see Finn having a go at Dad-O's "sweet, bony knee" ("BonyNEE!"), elbow, and more.


Strength Training With Henry

Henry's been working out a lot these days, mostly doing what Finn calls "Goonie push-ups". (The pediatrician calls it "tummy time". How dull.) He spends some designated time each day on his tummy in order to strengthen his neck muscles and improve his head control and upper body strength. (He hasn't started working on his sexy core yet!) Here's a little gallery (HTML) of his efforts, as well as some candid pics of him enjoying his little swinging chair. Apparently he's working on his facial expressions, too!
P.S. Finny took his mom's old baby doll, put her face-down on the rug, and said "baby, push-ups," then later referred to the baby doll as Goonie. Pretty great.


Doh-Master General

I received an excited email dispatch from our kitchen yesterday: "We are having a Play-Doh fiesta right now! :-). I bought a little kit with 4 Play-Doh cans & a bunch of cookie cutters and squishers, and Finn is just having a field day! The combo of tools and squishy 'Doh is a winning one for our little guy."
Check out the gallery (HTML) of doughy good times!
PS--Margot says that Finn's expression in the pic above reminds her of Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein.


Bring It On!

That's what Henry would say to the nurse at Dr. S's office if he could speak...Unlike Finn, who can speak, and dubs the nurse "Bad Lady!". We went in today for Henry's second round of vaccination shots since we're splitting them up into smaller groups of 2 shots each instead of four or more at once.
Not only did Henry not cry, he didn't even really flinch! His attitude was almost "Hey, you got any more of those you want to give me? 'Cause I can take it, lady!" Seriously, he was a total champ, and the visit was totally anticlimactic. I snapped up his pant leg, congratulated him on his high pain threshold, and we were back in the Ocho in no time. Whew.



I'm terribly behind in posting the photo & videos we captured during Grandma & Grandpa Nack's visit six weeks (!) ago, but I'm going to take a run at sharing more soon. Here's a clip of Der Finnster grooving on some play equipment ("Kinda steep!!"), joined eventually by Grandpa Nack:


Bathtime Smiles

We've been starting to settle into a little "bedtime" routine with Henry, even though bedtime ranges anywhere from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. depending on our little guy's internal clock. Part of the routine is bathtime. We do Henry's bath in the kitchen, using a little infant tub--he hasn't yet graduated to the sink or real bathtub. That will come when he's able to sit up. In the meantime, here is a little gallery (HTML) of pics from one of his recent baths. He seems to like them, as his post-suds smiles attest.
Oh--and there are a couple of pics of Henry and Dad-O enjoying Notre Dame's victory over Michigan State yesterday afternoon.


Spooky Times!

Recently Mom-O introduced Finny to a flashlight, and boy, you'd think it was Obi-Wan Kenobi giving Luke a new lightsaber: that kid was off to the races! A whole new "KindaDEEP" was born, and soon we were having fun putting the light under our chins and saying "Spooky Dad-O! Spooky Binny!!"
Pretty soon we were doing "Spooky Leo," and then Finn jabbed the flashlight into my throat and said, "(s)pooky neck!" From there it was game on, with Finn marching around and labeling everything the light touched as "'pooky!" ("'pooky ceiling! 'pooky floor! 'pooky baño!") When I asked about "Spooky Goonie," he smiled and said, "Nooo... too tiny!"
Here's a little gallery (HTML) of our luminous antics. Oh, and by the way, a little "PigCup" makes an awesome saber-enhancer!


Hoot’s Dipe

Margot and Finn were chatting at lunch the other day ("a real conversation as he's now starting to master verbs," she says) when the subject of Hoot (Hughes) came up. She writes:

We were talking about Hoot, and pickles (of course), and then Finn launches into his standard routine of "is the buckle poopy?" Anyway, the "buckle poopy?" bit morphed into my asking, "Who wears dipes?"
M: "Does Finny wear dipes?"
F: "Uh huh"
M: "Does Goonie wear dipes?"
F: "Uh huh"
M: "Does Dad-O wear dipes?"
F: "No!" (smiling) "Grown-up!"
M: "Does Milos wear dipes?"
F: "Uh huh"
and then
F: "Hoot...dipe!!!"
M: "Does Hoot wear dipes?"
F: "Uh huh!!" (big smile)
Sorry Hoot...the cat's outta the bag 😀

In other dipe-related news (you were dying for more, weren't you?), Finn has now dubbed Henry's new little Op-Art waste-catchers "PolkaDIPE!"


The Mom Sandwich

Apropos of nothing, happy Tuesday. 🙂

(Click the image for a slightly larger version.)


“Kinda DEEP!”

Playing on our love of/terminology for slides ("Kinda STEEP!"), Finn has lately been asking to go "Kinda DEEP!" in the bed-cave we make upstairs. First we see the big guy & Dad-O go to town:

And next, Mom-O joins in the action!


Henry’s 2-Month Stats

We visited Dr. S today for Henry's 2-month checkup. He's doing quite well--eating like a champ, sleeping loooooong stretches at night, and is full of smiles and coos for us. He is 14 lbs. 5 oz., 23.5 inches tall, and a head circumference of 41 cm. He's a bit smaller than Finn was at the same age but believe me, he's no lightweight! The doc even thinks he may be able to stop taking the Zantac because he is not spitting up much at all and his throat is looking really good. We'll give it another month and see.
No troubles to report, although he still seems crabby after having a couple of vaccination shots today. Maybe he is more sensitive to pain than Finny. He's gone nuclear a couple times this afternoon for no apparent reason, so I'm kind of wondering if the injection sites are sore, and have given him some "baby T" just in case.


Another Peanut?

I think Henry might be the reincarnation of a Peanuts character. Note the facial expression and forearms! There's a definite resemblance, no?


“Hey Mike!”

Our neighbor Richard is kind of a folk hero to Finn--big, barrel-chested, and always operating some kind of cool vehicle (Corvette, vintage Beetle, old truck, Lexus, etc.) or implement (weed whacker, hose, pickaxe, etc.). His gato-poop-blasting technique is a particular hit & explains why Finn would look at the sprayer in the tub and exclaim "Poop!"
Lately Finn has been taken with watching Richard push leaves with his leaf blower, and he now loves to grab tubes of all sort and go "WHEEoooWHEEoooWHEEooo... leaf blowa!" As it happens, despite our having lived here for nearly three years, it's only in the last couple of weeks that Richard has learned my name. Prior to that he'd guess things like "Mike." Therefore Finn's imitation sounds like, "WHEEoooWHEEooo... Hey Mike, Hey Mike!" ;-D
Here's a tiny gallery (HTML) of our tube-wielding amigo.


Headlines from the Nack Picayune

  • Cave System Discovered In Mom & Dad's Bed; Spelunking Missions Planned ("KindaDEEP!")
  • Driveway Closed 3pm-3:14pm For Dirt-Blasting
  • Choco Overwhelms Area Toddler's Boca
  • "Gato MooGeek" Still Tops Music Charts
  • Leonine Blankie Retains "Most Favored Buddy" Status; Duke The Raccoon Strong #2
  • Wiggle-Smile Index Skyrockets on Local Playmat
  • "Boogie-Sucker" Deployed To Area Infant's Nose
  • "Nut-Byyuck" Assails Driveway
  • Mom Invests Heavily in Oxy-Clean Corp., Citing Childrens' Future

Stay tuned for word from the Delmas Nack-Intelligencer 😉


Saluting the Boys

During my parents' visit, "GrammaNACK" brought Finn & Henry two great matching outfits apiece--blue & yellow onesies featuring little lions. The last time we tried to photograph them together, however, we unfortunately experienced Operation Nuclear Trainwreck (thanks to some bad napping).
This time, however, things went much better, as you can see in this little gallery (HTML). Margot was also able to catch Henry eyeing (and starting to swat at) some little felt birds, as well as Finn modeling some crazy-big sunglasses.


G-Man & Cow-Man

I snapped a few shots of the lads looking cute this weekend, including:

  • Henry doing his best to blend into the faux-foliage, sporting green-on-green
  • Finnster enjoying the fruits (er, kernels) of his Liggett grandparents' popcorn largesse, and
  • Finn going bovine, trying out a little cow mask while Mom dons a doggie mask

Here are the photos (HTML)!