Micronaxx The adventures of Finn & Henry


Pumpkins, Now & Then

Somewhere in the fun of butterfly watching & Halloween partying & carbohydrate mass-ingestion during our pal Maria’s visit in 2016, I neglected to post pics of that year’s epic pumpkin-carving session. This year I got home too late to carve with Margot & the dudes. So, although I can show just a couple pics of their fun results, I’ll right the old wrong & share this gallery of carving with Maria. You’ll be pleased to know that then as now, I clearly dressed up as Suburban Dork. 😝





Horzing Around

Lately we’ve been trying to get our screen-obsessed lads out from behind their devices & out of the house. If we can’t quite pry them off the screens, we can at least get them outside & onto the other side of the device.

Behold the weird tales of “Horz” and his associates “Gophie” and “Doggo” (“a couple of nose-picking morons he found online,” Finn informs me) featuring the acting & filmmaking talents of our dudes plus neighbors Henry D & Sadie. Behold the magic below—and soon you’ll have as little idea what’s going on as we do. 🤷🏻 ♂️😌


Salvador Henrí

As you may know, Henry is waiting very impatiently for the day he can grow his own mustache. In the meantime he makes due with things like this little animated avatar:

Occasionally, though, he gets access to some quality real-life props like those our photographer friend Michael furnishes at his own birthday parties. Last week, much as we did two years ago at Michael’s, the whole fam (well, minus too-cool preteen Finn 😌) had fun donning props & mugging for the camera. Here’s a gallery in which Hen kinda resembles Salvador Dalí. 👨🏻 


Oh, and shh: Alongside the Vincent Van Toe socks we’re getting Finn for Christmas, we’ve scored Sole-Adore Dali for Hen. 😝



Best night ever? 🚂

Lately Hen has quite reasonably bemoaned the fact that few kids share his passion for old cars, coins, and trains. Well, I told him, in a city of nearly a million souls, we must be able to find your people somewhere, right? And so we have!

Last night we dropped in on Silicon Valley Lines, the local model railroad club that turns out to be located just a mile or so from our house. All the guys we met (including a German Googler named Bernard, who spent ages letting Hen drive a train) couldn’t have been nicer, and of course I needed a crowbar to pry our man out of there—even after two hours. And today he’s raring to go back, hoping to meet another kid who might be dropping by.

“On a scale of 1 to 10,” says Henry, “I’d rate it a billion.” ☺️ Check out a little gallery plus this vid of our budding engineer in action:



Niles Canyon 2018

On Sunday we took our budding engineer & his long-suffering (but not excessively suffering :-)) big brother up to the Niles Canyon Railway for an afternoon of riding the rails and—in Dad-O’s case—flying over them. In addition to the gallery of photos we snapped (featuring Hen mugging with innumerable old cars), you can check out this little installment of Henry Nack Model Train Central…

…as well as some Johnny Cash-flavored touring from the air…

…and a 360º panorama from above.

All in all, a solid outing!




Postin’ from the Pool

Not content (finally!) just to sit & watch YouTube, both of the dudes are becoming rather avid creators. The last few nights have seen the lads filming up a storm with Henry D. & his sister Sadie (stay tuned for that horse-mask-clad craziness 😌), and meanwhile Hen has turned from posting about trains & currency (see previous) to posting from the pool in Cabo. (His mortification at the sound of his own voice reminds me of when I got a tape recorder at age 5 or so from my Aunt Dolores. I told him that we all hate our voices. 🤷‍♂️)


I, Henry

We were rather charmed to find this self-reflective little work amidst G-Man’s recent papers. Thank goodness he warned us in time about those deadly pennies! 😌

“I am creative, kind, patient, funny, friendly. I love trains, history, transportation, currency, owls, pandas, the pool. Different. I feel excited. I wonder what I’ll get for Christmas. I fear zinc pennies, because they can explode cuz they are all somewhat nuclear. I would like to own a real-life train. I’m able to save up a lot of money. I dream to own a real-life train.”


Oh, and he’s drawn a keen bead on his future, mustachio’d self 👨🏻:



Undersea G

Nothing to see here, just a Hen Of The Sea. 😌 Our young guy really pushed his swimming skills in Cabo, zipping along under the waves. Go Hen Go!




Farm boys, now & then

Our flight from Cabo gave me a chance at last to edit some photos & vids from our August trip to Galena. The dudes loved visiting our friend Tom’s farm—driving tractors and scaling silos (file that one under “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again”!). Tom’s brother Jerry was a great host, while Maria & Bert (the Buffalo) were good-natured passengers.

Check out a gallery from the day (including vertiginous 360º shot from atop the silo!) and watch the budding “Uber drivers” in action:

I love comparing this to how the dudes looked while visiting the farm with Uncle Ted back in 2011...

…and in 2014 (when they made “corn angels” in the silo):

Lastly, here’s a 360º overhead shot of the farm that you can click & drag:



Much as with ziplining, we decided to repeat another Hawaii-October adventure (see previous) & try snorkeling in Cabo. Although Hen somewhat expectedly bailed out rather fast, he was able to draw myriad fish to the rest of us by firing Ritz (with our guide’s blessings! 😌) into the sea. Afterwards he & Finn helped run up the main sail so that we could glide back into the gorgeous harbor.

Check out our gallery plus some underwater adventures that Finn & I shot with our little GoPro camera:


Sons on the Beach, Revisited

Being back in Cabo after four years, we thought we'd swing by the beach where we caught some great moments with the dudes back in 2014. Feels like they've changed so much & so little, doesn't it? 😌 (Click for a larger version.)


Zipping the Line Fantastic

As we discovered in Hawaii, the dudes have a real penchant for flying through the air while dangling from just a thin metal cable. Therefore while in Cabo we thought we’d try our hand at some aerial mayhem, this time mixing in some rappelling & a “Tarzan swing” just for good measure. Check out the gallery while mentally inserting loud cries of “YOLO!,” “Viva Changuito!,” and “Yo Soy Superman!” 🤪