Babyslang 5

The silly wordplay continues at Chez Nack:

  • Technosceptre: Any remote control, as wielded by King Finnegan as he patrols the realm
  • Dairy Van Dyck: Milk mustache
  • Guttock: The belly. “Did you have a nice meal, Finny? Well I hope you left enough room for Daddy’s *fist*, because now I’m going to RAM IT INTO YOUR GUTTOCK!!”–followed by mutual cackling. 😉
  • Katz Fancy: Patterned after Cat Fancy, it’s a magazine for kids who share Finn’s love of Karen Katz‘s lift-the-flap stylings
  • SimulBite: Finn hasn’t entirely learned to finish one bite of food before taking on the next. This leads to us offering him one bite (let’s say green beans), only to discover the presence of an earlier one (e.g. a goldfish cracker). It must make for some weird taste combos!
  • The Tracheal Heisman: One stiff Finny arm to the Mom/Dad’s throat. “You *know* what I’m talkin’ about! (imitates being strangled) EeearraAAAaagh!” — Mom

The Bird Has the Word(s)!

Mr. Finn’s been working awfully hard at saying words these past couple of weeks, and we’re happy to report that he’s starting to make some progress! Here is his current vocab list:

  • Down!: where Finny looks longingly after he drops his food over the side of his chair.
  • Yeah: in response to anything that sounds like a question. (Undoubtedly this will switch to “No” at some point all too soon!)
  • Good-a-Good-a-Good-a-Good: not really associated with anything specific, but he sure likes to say it!
  • Duck, Moo, Arf Arf Arf, and Roar!

[And hey, let’s not forget “Da Da!” He’s much more purposeful in saying it, and other day he greeted me with a simple and direct “Dad!!” How terrific is that? 🙂 –J.]


Croup is Poop!

Ah, poor little Finno has come down with quite the intense cough and cold! His upper lip is doing a great recreation of a Slip n’ Slideblech!
The two of us have been kicking it bachelor-style for a few days while Margot visits some pals in Seattle. I’m typing this after midnight, listening to the monitor and hoping the whole thing doesn’t become a full-blown case of the croup. At least Carol has had some experiences with that sort of badness & was able to set me up with some health info yesterday (e.g. if your child wakes up coughing and crying, run a hot shower for 15 minutes for the steam, then take him outside to the cold night air for 10 minutes).
We miss mama, but she’ll be back soon enough tomorrow evening. In the meantime, Finn had the freaky experience of hearing her on the phone; many quizzical looks followed. We went for a long walk this evening, and he was good as gold until *exactly* the maximally distant point, so I ended up carrying him the 1.5 miles home (and here I’d been complaining that I get no exercise ;-)).
Nearing home, Finn spied some balloons attached to a sign and lunged back at them. He was really fascinated, so we went inside and I splurged for a pair–$2.17 very well spent! Now in addition to learning about (and shouting) “Down!” (i.e. where he keeps dropping his dishes), he can learn about “Up!”


The Finnegan Floor Show

Finny is definitely a physical little boy! He’s so intrigued by mastering new skills, and so observant of adults as we go about our business. For instance, Finn wants to walk up the stairs big-guy style–just one foot in front of the other, hoisting himself up the stairs while standing the whole time…no crawling and belly-flopping for this guy! I think he sees us go up the stairs and thinks “I can do that, too!”. So John and I hold his hands and help lift him to the next step once he gets his foot planted.
He’s also decided to master clapping this week. Just out-of-the-blue started clapping all by himself! And he’s also mastered his “seafood casino” toy–which entails pushing a big purple button to get little spinners (covered with fish illustrations) rolling–something that takes quite a bit of coordination and has heretofore stymied our boy.
Probably the most fun thing he’s been doing is self-initiated peek-a-boo. Tonight he repeatedly positioned himself behind the door frame, slowly peeked around the edge so dad could get a look at him, then slowly edged back behind the wall again. Quite the little show!


Sweeter Pushin’

Our friends Matthew & Lori (themselves parents of a cute little guy named Cooper) gave Finn some terrific gifts just before Christmas. Alongside a Fisher Price bus (which Finn terrorizes Godzilla-style, leading to our calling it the “Disaster Bus”) and a neat Charlie Parker board book, they gave Finn his own kid-sized stroller. Now that he’s more sure on his feet, he loves to load the stroller with stuffed pals, then cruise around the living room. In this little gallery (HTML) you can see him in action, also enjoying his big Radio Flyer. I instinctively withdraw my ankles to a more secure location. 🙂


Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

This is our first Valentine’s Day with Finnegan, and we both agree that he really puts the L-O-V-E into the day. And speaking of first Valentine’s Days, our good friends Alex and Bryan Hughes welcomed their son Miles into the world this morning at 12:17a.m., making this V.D. the best one ever for the Hughes family :D. We are going to the hospital this afternoon to meet little Miles and bring some treats to Alex (who labored throughout the day yesterday, and into the night) and Bryan to celebrate.
So it’s a big, happy, love-filled, heartwarming day all around. Finn’s enjoying the cards and little gifts he’s received from Auntie Laura & Family, and both sets of grandparents. We (Mom and Dad, that is) have a dinner date tonight, so Carol will babysit her young Valentine while we go out. Much love to you and yours!
[Update: Here are some photos (one, two, and three) of darling little Miles. We had a great time visiting with the new fam yesterday & fortifying them with brownies. –J.]
[Update two: And Here’s me with Miles. 🙂


Miscellaneous Horseplay

Finn is getting to the age where A) lying down through a whole diaper change seems like a real imposition on his go-go social calendar, and B) tearing around in various states of nakedness seems like a *great idea*! (Wait til he can start undressing himself…) We therefore find ourselves taking a somewhat more, ah, flexible approach to his attire.
In any case, we continue to have a ball with the little guy, and you can see some more examples of our “horeseando” in this gallery (HTML).


The Wildsquirrel Railroad

We had quite a fun little weekend with the Finnfatha. Prior to his haircut he had another great day in the pool, this time going underwater with Mom. Throughout the weekend he took a whole new interest in feet, with Margot discovering him under the kitchen island, waving at her painted toes. (He also loves trying to literally knock your socks off, then put them back on you.)
Oh, and upon reading a little book showing babies doing various things, he responded to the “Reaching” page by shooting his arms straight over his head! Tonight when I said “reaching,” he again shot up his arms, then went looking for the book. I know everyone thinks their kid is a genius, and of course we’re no exception. 🙂
The big new adventure was a trip to the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad in nearby Los Gatos. Even though the day was a little chilly, we bundled Finn up and went for a little ride. He seemed to have fun, oohing and aahing while waving at doggies, trees, and little girls. His too-small engineer hat made him look like a little old man, we thought (Margot says her grandpa, I say Henry Fonda). Our outdoor picnic plans got scrubbed by the weather, so we ended up enjoying a little car picnic instead. Here’s a gallery (HTML), plus a little video:

The music, incidentally, was featured in the train-riding sequence in Slumdog Millionaire. Finnster is our Squirreldog Engineer. 🙂


1st Shave and a Haircut (o.k., just haircut)

Dad and Finn have been trying to get to the barber for a haircut for two Saturdays now, but between swim lessons, meals, and nap time, it’s hard to get to the shop before closing time at 4 p.m. Both Finn and Dad were getting pretty weedy so we were really hoping to get it taken care of today! We thought we’d missed the boat again this afternoon, since Finn didn’t finish his post-nap bottle until 4:10, but we decided to go ahead and go out for a walk, a cup of frozen yogurt our goal instead of haircuts.
The great thing about having a neighborhood barber is that if you’re lucky, they just might be hanging out by the front door chatting with some passers-by after closing time. So by the time we rolled by at about 4:30, Tom the Barber was still there, and we asked him if we could get Finny’s haircut (oh, and Dad’s too). He was super nice about it, and so both my guys got trimmed up.
Finn sat on my lap, and was very calm during his haircut–he was interested in the snipping sounds and someone tugging at his locks, but he didn’t freak out at all. He even got a little “First Haircut” certificate to take home. He got a little freaked watching Tom go after Dad with the clippers and scissors, but soon figured out that Dad wasn’t in peril! Here are a few pics (HTML) from our trip to the tonsorial parlor. Our thanks to Tom for staying open late to take on a couple of scrappy-looking guys!


Finnegan y Las Muchachas

Our friends Tom and Sarah are expecting a little girl in March, and Tom has made it very clear that Finn (and the forthcoming little Miles Hughes) better watch his step around the little lady. No funny business or gettin’ fresh, if you catch my drift!
The three of us attended Tom and Sarah’s baby shower last weekend, and we just happened to find the perfect little T-shirt for Finny to sport to the party. It was only available in Spanish, so we had to translate…it says “Lock up Your Daughters.” (Here’s a bigger version.) With Finn’s big blue eyes and killer dimple, we think Tom’s the one who should mind his daughter…Finn’s going to have to fend off her inevitable advances :-).


Oh Brother, Here Art Thou!

Big news today–Finn’s going to have a little brother! We had our 18-week ultrasound this afternoon, and got to see our little guy for the first time. We’re super-excited, of course, and can’t wait to meet him in July! Now comes the hard part–thinking of a name! It took us quite a while to come up with, and then settle on Finnegan, so we’ve got another big challenge on our hands.
Here are some shots of El Segundo (HTML), who looks perfect and healthy, and who’s currently weighing in at about 1/2 lb. He’s got a long way to go to catch up to his (ever-bigger) big brother, who just hit the 26.5 lb. mark.
[Oh man, it’s all too wonderful. 😀 I can’t believe that we can watch our little bambino just hanging out, doing the backstroke, hiccuping, and more. Man, and to think that a year ago our wild, romping, cackling Finnster was not too different! Excuse me while my heart just explodes…! <:-) --Dad]


Going to Eleven

Today marks Finno’s 11-month birthday! Which means we only have one more month until his first birthday! It’s really unbelievable. We spent the day much like every other day, with plenty of goofando (goofing around) and horseando; punctuated by bottles, trips outside, and adventures in solid food.
He is such a happy tot, and gives us plenty of reasons to smile. Three cheers for taking it to 11!


20,000 Microns Under the Sea

Another weekend, another swim class for Mr. Finn. This week, no-holds barred head underwater dunking!
We’ve been making baby steps towards a full-face dunk each week, getting him used to splashing, then getting mouth and nose wet, and finally a few quick dunks underwater. He did great! To get the babies comfortable with the whole situation, the parents go underwater first then pop up and smile, and when it’s the babies’ turn, we sing a song, swish them back and forth (heads up, of course), then a quick blow of air on their faces and under they go. The breath on their face startles them a bit and they suck in their breath right before going under. There was only one instance where Finny swallowed some water and spit it right back out like a cherub from a baroque fountain. He seemed to enjoy himself even more this week than in the past, so we think swim class was definitely a good move.
The rest of the weekend was spent charming the guests at our friends’ baby shower, and then wrapping things up with tons of Dad-led horseplay and what John likes to call “inversion therapy” (flipping a chortling Finn upside down).