Homecoming ’23

The last couple of weeks have seen our handsome gents escorting their lovely dates (Lilian & Mandy, respectively) to homecoming dances. First up were Finn & Lilian…

…followed by Henry & Mandy, whose very friendly parents provided transportation & chaperone services. Check out this gallery to see the dapper crew in action!

Insulators Photos

Henry Nack, print photojournalist!

For the last couple of years, Henry has been an absolutely voracious reader of Crown Jewels of the Wire, one of the two main periodicals devoted to the hobby of insulator collecting. At the National show in June, he regaled the members with stories of our successful hunt on the salty planes of Utah, and one of the guys suggested that the magazine feature his great narrative & photos. Fast forward a couple of months, and presto, here we are!