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Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp-Dressed Hen

It’s such a pleasure to turn the guys on to good music, and Hen in particular loves to request tunes on our Google Home devices. He’s a fan of classic rock, and earlier this year he & I had a blast seeing Texas legends ZZ Top in concert.

For Halloween we donned their iconic beards, hats, and cheap sunglasses while Mom made us some terrific fuzzy guitars. Kids of course had no idea who we were (“Gandalf the Grey…?”), but tons of parents gave us shout-outs as we trick-or-treated with Hen’s pal Esteban. Check out a gallery of our photos covering the assembly process & the big night.

One fun detail: Henry didn’t want to wear cheap sunglasses at night: “We’re not the Blues Brothers, and it’s not 106 mi. to Chicago.” 😝 



Seamus Nack, “Employee of the Month”

Finn’s recently come to love the comedy Superstore, and for Halloween he decided to dress up as clueless manager Glenn, with Seamus joining in as his Employee of the Month!

On Sunday we headed over to a costumed-dog parade (yes, laugh it up, Dad, this is who we are now 😜) in downtown Willow Glen. In the car on the way over, Seamus got cozy with me in the back seat. "Good thing he sat on your lap & not mine," Finn tells me, "'cause otherwise it would've been a violation of company code." 😛

Here’s our album of photos, including some Seamus-eye views.




3D Halloween

Greetings from 007, Amelia Earhart, & Mr. Horz. 😍
(Hover your mouse back and forth across the image to see the 3D effect. You can do it, Mom! 😜)

My crazy three! 😝😍 #007 #HappyHalloween

Posted by John Nack on Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Pumpkins, Now & Then

Somewhere in the fun of butterfly watching & Halloween partying & carbohydrate mass-ingestion during our pal Maria’s visit in 2016, I neglected to post pics of that year’s epic pumpkin-carving session. This year I got home too late to carve with Margot & the dudes. So, although I can show just a couple pics of their fun results, I’ll right the old wrong & share this gallery of carving with Maria. You’ll be pleased to know that then as now, I clearly dressed up as Suburban Dork. 😝





Halloween 2017: I sing of horns & the claws…

Well, another great Halloween is in the books & in our bellies. Gone (for now) are the days of the dudes rocking Mom-O’s awesome homemade costumes, but they still looked cool in their viking & werewolf getups. Finn cruised around another neighborhood with his pals while Hen patrolled near our house with neighbors Henry D. & Sadie. Check our our little gallery!



Halloween Party 2016

For the last several years, our Las Madres friends Phil & Michelle have put on an excellent Halloween party complete with haunted house, tons of crafts, and neighborhood trick-or-treating. This year Maria donned Margot's Rosie the Riveter getup & joined the Crash Test Dummy (Finn), Caution Tape (Hen), Medusa (Mom-O), and Captain Kirk (you know who) for some mask- and lantern-making & more. Stay tuned for more shots of the dudes in their costumes. Meanwhile, here's a little gallery.



Big Time Carving

The guys have been patiently waiting over the last month to finally carve the giant pumpkins they picked out. (Unlike in the chilly Midwest, pumpkins out here tend to rot about 5 minutes after they're carved, so we had to bide our time.) Henry designed a pretty solid owl, though as you can see in the gallery, he spent much of his time eating himself under the table—literally—with all kinds of corn (pop & candy). Finn meanwhile enjoyed breaking out the little carving kit we bought and fashioning some kind of diabolical weirdo. Mom-O reports that both were a hit with visiting trick-or-treaters. 🙂



Throwback Thursday: Cowboy & Lionboy

Two years ago today. 🙂

Cowboy Lionboy


Halloween 2015: Cone N’ Vaders!

Hen's traffic cone prayers have been answered: through Mom-O's help he's been transformed into a giant orange cone for Halloween! Finn is equally happy to have gone over to the Dark Side & become Lord Vader; Mom-O is resplendent in Dia de los Muertos make-up; and I'm discovering just how unforgiving a tight Star Trek tunic can be. ;-p Here's a little gallery from today's costume party at our friend Ella's house.



Throwback Monday: Retro pumpkin chomps

On this day, seven years ago, Finn tried a little bit of pumpkin (specifically the stems) while hanging out with our brand-new neighbor Maddie. Check out the shots below, as well as in this old gallery from the day.




Half Moon Play

Following our trip to the aviation museum, I drove the dudes to Half Moon Bay's famous pumpkin patches. It's something we'd wanted to do for years, but traffic horror stories kept us from chancing it. This year, though, with Mom-O in Seattle for the weekend, I figured, hey, I'm going to be on the hook for keeping these guys safe & entertained, so why not do so while they're physically restrained? 🙂

I had fun filling the boys with sugar, then letting them burn if off by dead-lifting giant pumpkins & wheeling them around. Back at the ranch we applied kitchen knives, crowbars, and shovels to the pumpkin-carving process—and somehow no one lost a digit!

Check out the gallery from our adventure, and see also the crazy high-speed "hyperlapse" video below.

King Of The Stones



Haunted Hangar!

Last weekend the dudes & I checked out the Hiller Aviation Museum's Haunted Hangar event, featuring a witch dropping a pumpkin from a helicopter! We enjoyed a little scavenger hunt & some craft-making before the signature event. Check out the gallery plus this video of the drop:




“Trick or Meat!!”

The dudes & I had a ball trick-or-treating last week—or as they put it, "Trick or Meat!"/"Trick or Mouse!" (y'know, being a lion & owl & all). This baffled neighbor after unsuspecting neighbor, but I loved that they stuck with it. When we returned home, the guys got their first shot at handing out candy themselves! Henry was so into it that when we ran out, he dipped into his own bucket to share with visiting kids. (Not bad—and quite charming—for a kid who's always scrapping with his bro over who got more toast, butter, etc.) This quick video gives a taste of our evening:


What’s got two talons & looooooves candy?

Answer: This guuuuuy. 🙂

(Photo snapped in the immediate aftermath of trick-or-treating.)


Riveting Rosie & the Hoo-Crew

The lads were excited to suit up & get down to candy-eating & crafts at their friend Ella's house this weekend. Here are a few pics of the whole gang, including ma in her kerchief & I in my too-tight cap.


New costumes swoop & roar into town!

Boy did I have a high opinion of myself in autumns growing up: Every year "I" would win a prize for having the best costume (headless horseman, knight, California Raisin, etc.). Little did I realize, of course, that the honors should go to my tirelessly creative mom, wielder of felt, glue, papier-mâché, and more.

Now Margot has taken up the proud mantle & is making excellent costumes for young Nacks. Check out her latest handiwork! 🙂

When I came downstairs yesterday, Henry popped out from behind a door in full owl regalia. After wildly "hoo"-ing at me for a few seconds, he thoughtfully lifted up his mask and said, "Don't worry, it's just me, Henry—not a real owl." 🙂


Microghouls & Trainwrecks & Cowboys, Oh My

Happy Halloween from the Micronaxx! The boys loved sporting the excellent Thomas & Mummy costumes Mom-O created (with slight assists from Dad-O), both at preschool & while trick-or-treating. Young engineer Hen did become kind of a train wreck at school (kids touching his fragile costume, etc.), but both guys were sugar-fueled champs as I led them in neighborhood candy-gathering. (No set of stairs is too daunting to haul one's train costume up, as long as there's that sweet, sweet lucre at the top.) Here are some shots from the occasion, plus a video below.


Riders on the Hay

Man, I should work as a sheep in a pumpkin patch petting zoo: I sure know how to get fleeced! ;-p Actually I had a ball taking the lads to nearby Spina Farms Sunday while Margot was in class. We rode the little train, climbed aboard ponies, and jostled around in a hay wagon with our pals the Wiggii. Sure, the proprietors know how to soak you for a few bucks, but it sure buys a lot of tot-delight.

Here's a little gallery from the proceedings, plus a couple of clips:


Bat-Shirt Crazy!

The boys have had a bat-tastic week: Nanny Yvonne bestowed these super-fun bat shirts on Finny & Henry the other day, and at "Bats at the Library" in SF, our pal Reen set them up with new wing'd amigos "Leobat" & "Olliebat"! (<--seen here adorning the boys' heads) Thanks so much, guys!



Carving pumpkins just wasn't at the top of my & Margot's to-do lists this year, but Finn could hardly have been more interested. He kept brining up the subject, even grumping loudly that we were trying to get off the hook for doing it. Last night he was in a fog following a long car ride, but when Mom-O said we could do some carving, he immediately re-energized & ran to get his smock.

Here's the amazing part: A kid who, to my chagrin, can barely draw a straight line walked right up to his pumpkin, grabbed a marker, and drew a perfect, complex eye (a circle with a pupil mounted on one side). Oh man, I thought, he's gonna get good at drawing after all!! Ah, but pride goeth: right afterwards he said "Now I'm gonna draw a second eye!," then drew a tiny circle, after which he rendered the "nose" as a series of abstract lines. But still... it's a start & I'll take it!

Here are just a few pics: