Sunset Son 🌅

Perhaps needless to say, I’m always thrilled when Finn suggests that we hang out, particularly when that gives us a chance to put the Miata to its best use—squealing tires as we carve up mountain roads en route to Alice’s Restaurant.

Last Wednesday we headed up the hill, glimpsing a truly staggering sunset—an ocean of glowing clouds stretching out to the sea—along the way. Check out my handsome co-pilot (and pilot soon enough!):

After night fell, we kept the top down & recorded a trippy little timelapse en route home. Here’s a 5-second sample:

And if you somehow want the extended version, well, here’s that, too:


Wings Over G-Man

San Francisco recently welcome thousands of naval personnel to town for Fleet Week, and I was glad to sneak away from work a bit with Margot & Henry to check out the action.

While they headed over to the de Young’s new Egyptian exhibit, I walked the shoreline, praying for the fog to part. Happily it did, and the city was treated to a thrilling performance from the Blue Angels! Here’s Lego Henry saluting the team in formation, and the full set of pics lives in our gallery

Then on Sunday, Hen & I headed down to Salinas, where we’d enjoyed some airshows in the past. This year featured an aerobatic performance by the incredible F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter:

Hen & I took turns using my big cam, and he caught some beautiful shots of several vintage P-51 fighters flying in formation. Check out our gallery for the whole show.

Insulators Photos Westy

Porterville Insulator Adventure

For the last several months, Henry had last Saturday circled on his calendar, as it was the year’s last scheduled gathering of insulator collectors in our region. That, of course, was not to be missed.

Thus we headed out in the Westy after school, trucking out all the way past Fresno. We camped in dairy country at the ranch of a lovely couple named Frances and Henry, who kindly gave our Hen three insulators from his collection:

Afterwards we grabbed breakfast at a railway cafe that featured cute model trains running around the ceiling. From there we were off to the event, where Hen scored some great deals & got to visit with his old friends. Check out our gallery from the outing.

Oh, and here’s a little draggable 360º pano I captured at dawn with my drone: