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I have the sweetest ride




Pinewood Dervishes

The boys had a ball designing their Pinewood Derby racers, having them carved at a woodshop, applying paint & graphite, and then finally letting them rip last Sunday. Though we didn't set any track records, we enjoyed the 3-second bursts of adrenaline. 🙂 Here's a little gallery of the event, featuring their cars plus some of our favorites from other scouts.

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Throwback Thursday: Klaas the Duck

Five years ago today, we introduced der kinder to Klaas the Duck. 🙂 Here's the little gallery.



Bathtime of Hentiquity

Throwback Sunday: G-Man splish-splashes around the sink, six years ago today.




Animated Lego Mayhem

The boys have long loved weird homemade YouTube videos in which Lego characters get into all kinds of adventures. At last summer's Steve & Kate's camp, both boys tried their hands at making similar vids. Here's one from Finn that I just remembered to share. Fair warning: I have no idea what's going on here, although it seems to involve periodic decapitations. 🙂


Scout Heads Out

The lads' fun, heartfelt correspondence with our Elf on the Shelf, Scout (see previous), continued all through December. The little gent really enjoyed his new house:


In fact, on Christmas morning he announced his plans to sleep there all through the year—which he's commenced doing, though it appears he darts out periodically to nibble down a big marshmallow the boys left outside the door. 🙂


Croissant Defense Unit

With "El Chivo" (The Goat, aka Dad-O) always on the prowl for tasty leftovers, the boys & their animal team get serious about defending one of their remaining croissants. I can't say that I blame them. 🙂


Killin’ ’em with kindness

Lately the boys—Henry in particular—have been especially hungry for our attention & have resorted to all kinds of button-pushing to get it. (Henry takes this literally, poking us & his brother until we react.) Smartly, Mom-O has opted to respond by giving them what they want—and then a whole lot more! Here she, Finn, and I bury Hen in all the attention a kid can take. 😀

Or if you prefer a version made even wackier by Google Photos, well, we can do that, too. 🙂


Monterey, Hooray!

Feeling a touch stir-crazy by the end of vacation, we decided to take the lads down to Monterey on Friday for a quick overnight adventure. Highlights included:

  • A little time at the beach;
  • Our best trip yet to the aquarium, which featured Leo meeting lionfish, Finn doing a barnacle impression, and some whale-/otter-watchnig from the observation deck;
  • A trip to the nearby (and previously totally unheard-of!) Monterey Zoo, where we fed carrots to the 11,000-pound elephant Butch. Henry helpfully noted, “If we get to feed peanuts to Butch, we won’t feed him you guys, even though you call each other Peanut." Oh, and Leo got to meet an actual lion (Jacob), too. 🙂

Check out the pics!

Monterey Hooray


Their Legonic Majesties Request…

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh… You know what’s greater than great? Not only does Cousin Tony help hook us up with a Lego set that includes a miniature Lego Store selling even tinier Lego sets (!), he sends us genuine Lego Store aprons with “Finn” and “Henry” name tags!!

Unspeakably delighted, the boys are now filling their days creating & managing a store in the basement ("The Subterranean Brick Barn"), selling Mom-O & me every manner of daily special, limited-edition figure, and more. They're dutifully keeping inventory, recording deliveries ("John's perchess"), and more.

Check out a little gallery of the action, plus a pair of videos below!