Micronaxx The adventures of Finn & Henry


Los Meses del Año

El Finnster shows off some new vocab, singing, and pronunciation skills:


Field of Bizarre Dreams

...or is it screams? 🙂

Our colleague Steve Ross ran into Henry at Pasitos the other day & sent us this report:

When he saw me, he started up a conversation in which he remarked on how Finn is enjoying kindergarten. He then told me how, that same morning, he and the other Pasitos kids had gone to a park. This wasn't just any park, however, he explained. This park apparently had a dead baseball player buried in it. Henry proceeded to tell me that were I to go there, with some magic powder, and then sprinkle it on the grave, the baseball player would rise up and be alive again, ready to play ball! This stuff is amazing! He then completely switched it up, turned to an older lady (someone's grandma?) standing next to me and told her that he had a bunch of smoked salmon at home.

You keep it weird out there, little buddy. 🙂


A Muscular Green Thumb

Plant-digging Finn doesn't know his own strength. 🙂



The boys model some fetching party favors they scored at pals' Dante & Vienna's birthday party.


Echoes of Personal Greatness

In the movie Goodfellas, a minor character is named "Jimmy Two-Times" because he always says things two times—for example, "I'm gonna get the papers (get the papers)."

I've thought of Jimmy a bunch lately as Finn's clearly been enjoying his own lines—to the point that he'll often immediately repeat them in a whisper. While recounting some anecdote he might say, "…so I told Magdalena, 'I'm the dad!' ('I'm the dad!')"

I don't think he knows we hear it, and he just clearly enjoys mastering language, conversation, and social conventions. We'll have to see how long it goes on. (Margot might say, "Probably forever, given the way you repeat jokes just to make sure I heard your cleverness." ;-))


“I can’t brutalize with my glasses!”

Here's an entirely random slice of life captured by our friend Bruce a couple of weeks ago. We were testing his new camera's video capabilities, but the resulting clip ends up being some fun boy-meets-older-woman (or dog, or two dogs; I dunno, you figure out what they're talking about!) 🙂

I love Bruce's quizzical, "Do you guys want a... ball, or something?"


Weekend fun with Grandma

It's a blessing & a treat to have Grandma Nack in town while Margot is on the road this week, and we've been having a bunch of fun this weekend. She's an indefatigable gardener, so we've been running back and forth among stores to look at plants, etc. with the boys (who don't mind at all). And, of course, there's been a *lot* of story-reading. Here are a few shots from our days so far.


“Bring Your Luchador To Work” Day

Once again Finny gets rowdy with "Davewerner" while visiting Adobe. 🙂


Henry Nack, Haircut Lover

Just kidding—he's the same colorful little grump as always! ;-p


Monterey Cookie-Toss

The boys didn't actually puke during our Monday trip to Dennis the Menace Park—but it wasn't for lack of trying!

We enjoyed another great trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, getting up close and... personal? (gelatinous?) with the jellyfish:


Getting stuck in LA, in a generally good way

During our recent SoCal sojourn, we spent a peaceful day noodling around LA, exploring local landmarks:

  • (Pre-)Historically the La Brea Tar Pits (a sticky slick of naturally occurring asphalt) were great at ensnaring all kinds of ice-age animals, and over the years they've yielded hundreds of tons of fossilized remains. The boys loved exploring the museum, getting to watch scientists & volunteers carefully working to unearth & restore what's been dug up. They were delighted to come away with two stuffed sabertooth tigers that they quickly named "Sabertooth" and "Snuggletooth." (You'd kind of think "Saber-maran," right?) In subsequent "T.A.L.B." editions, these railroading Tooth Brothers turned out to be good at shoveling coal with their "steak knives."
  • Right next door is Los Angeles County Museum of Art, aka LACMA. We lucked out & came across volunteers who were letting kids make their own African arts & crafts. Of the clay "memory boards" Finn said, "They're like iPads," and they each crafted staffs with pictures of Mom-O at the top. They had a ball exploring the large outdoor art pieces, then were fascinated by the Metropolis II kinetic sculpture (see video below).
  • Later we wound our way up to the famous Griffith Park Observatory (you might remember it from Rebel Without A Cause), exploring the grounds & watching their giant Tesla coil in action.

Here's a little gallery from the adventure.