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Giving Thanks, 2019 Style

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Unlike on holidays past (when we’ve ventured to Yosemite, Hearst Castle, sand dunes, and elsewhere), this year we elected to stay close to home & to Mr. Seamus. Happily, though, we were able to brush aside the constant rain & put our cabin fever at bay.

Following our feast (augmented by Finn & Hen’s cookie-making skills), my cousin Andrea & her husband and kids came down from Marin to camp near Santa Cruz. We were able to meet up on Friday for ice cream (again, rain be damned!), and on Saturday we again bundled up, this time to see the Irish whomp Stanford!

Check out some memories from the weekend:


Planet PA sm

Van crew


SLO Beach Bros

Cabin fever, at least in the days post-Thanksgiving, has proven no match for us the past couple of years, seeing the fam head out to Yosemite, Hearst Castle, and Point Reyes. This year we fired up the Westy and headed down to San Luis Obispo & stayed right by the water & the famous dune of Oceano Beach (see 360º panorama from my drone, at bottom). During the days we checked out SLO’s mission, butterfly grove, and antique shops (you’re welcome, Hen 😉), and at night Finn & I enjoyed some epic long walk-and-chat sessions to the beach and back.

The highlight, though, had to be renting a squad of 4-wheel ATVs:

We tore around the beach amidst thousands of other folks riding dune buggies, motorcycles, trucks, and RVs. Although we experienced a few close calls, Henry does not remain at the bottom of the Return of the Jedi-style Sarlacc pit into which he & his machine plunged, and remained un-crushed by Finn’s stranded vehicle. At the end everyone emerged happy if sandy. (“My legs feel like jelly!” reported Hen.)

Check out this album showing the whole weekend’s worth of adventures, plus our videos from the beach & from the air:


Happy Nack Friday

This Thanksgiving we’ve kept things pretty quiet, enjoying a feast at home with the guys (despite the gas on our oven having gone out; thanks, neighbors Scott & Karen for letting us borrow yours!), then heading north on Friday to enjoy California beach beauty at Point Reyes. En route Finn filled us in with tons of interesting details about the place’s history (featuring privateer Sir Francis Drake plundering Spanish galleons, coming ashore, and burying the booty!). He also couldn’t stop jabbering about his Christmas wish list, leading (as you’ll see) Margot to take matters into her own hands—literally.

Here’s a little gallery from our adventures so far. Now Go Irish!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Hen & Mom-O recently visited our local fire station with the Cub Scouts, learning that the brave folks who protect us don't get to take holidays off. Inspired by this, they decided to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies & bring them over to say thanks to the guys spending Thanksgiving away from their families.

This proved easier said than done! As we parked in the morning, we joked, "Gee, I hope they don't have to zoom off on a call right now"—but as we walked up, that's exactly what they did! When we tried again a couple of hours later, history repeated exactly, and on our third visit (this time around lunch), they were gone entirely. Fortunately the fourth time was the charm, and the appreciative team treated us to a great mini tour. Check it out:


A Triptych of Turkeys

Oh, kids these days: They just get harder & harder to force into dinner! 🙂

With some camerawork help from Mom-O, the boys & I re-created some silliness from five Thanksgivings ago; see below and click for larger. Stay tuned for the 2020 installment, in which 12- and 11-year-old boys team up to stuff the The Old Man In The Bird!

Turkey Triptych


Throwback Thanksgiving: Young Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Our little jive turkeys join us in wishing you a joyous & restful holiday. Here’s a peek (gallery) at the lads as they looked five years ago today.



Thanksgiving road trip!


This Thanksgiving we did not plan any long-distance travel, and did not have any out-of-town relatives visiting, so we decided to spend some of our long weekend on a family road trip to explore parts previously-unknown. Our good friend Reen came down from San Francisco to feast with us on Thanksgiving day, and by the time we went to bed that night, we had booked a motel in Cayucos, CA and had plans to visit the beach, San Simeon, and nearby Hearst Castle - all of which are just off the gorgeous coastal California Highway 1, south of Big Sur.

On Friday, the trip took a little over 3 hours, and we asked the boys to draw maps of what they were seeing as we headed south. Both boys did a fantastic job drawing mountains, trees, vehicles, road signs, oil pumps, freight trains, vinyards, and other things that they saw out the window, and the mapmaking kept them engaged and busy the entire trip. Listening to Johnny Cash on the stereo was also a crowdpleaser.

We checked into our vintage motor court motel room that evening, just after stopping at the beach to watch the sun go down. We popped some popcorn and watched a movie before bed, and then got some rest for the big day ahead. Friday we visited Hearst Castle (opulence is an understatement!), and spent some quality time horsing around on the beach before dinner. Sunday was rainy, so instead of spending tons of time on the windy, cold, wet beach, we toured Morro Bay's famous Shell Shop (Excelling in Shells since 1953!) and then drove up to poke around some of the art galleries in Cambria, just south of the Castle. Then we drove home through the mist and fog.

Here's a gallery of the weekend's proceedings.

[Dad-O addenda: We were charmed that for some reason Finn took to referring to William Randolph Hearst as simply "The Hearst." Henry asked our tour guide whether the castle featured a dungeon or a dragon, giving us a chance to learn about the fur-stocked basement & a statue of St. George battling a dragon (as glimpsed in the gallery). Finn named a little stuffed lion from the gift shop & named his shell-based race car driver "Shelby" (transporter of Henry's little shell owl "Shelly"). Mom-O's art history background came into play as we checked out the lion-heavy statuary, and Finn was fascinated to learn about the lion-headed Egyptian deity Sekhmet. Henry, meanwhile, was delighted to learn about The Hearst's wiener dog swimming around in search of goldfish, and to point out the little ramp a gardener built so he could stop fishing the dog out of the pool (see also the gallery). —J.]




Thanksgiving Leftovers

The Liggetts took off this morning after a nice weekend full of "sword" fights, tree-decorating, and Team TALB. Check it out.


Happy Thanksgiving!

My folks, aka "The Geeps" (a permutation of "GP"s for grandparents), are in town for a long Thanksgiving weekend visit. They've only been here a little over a day, and the boys are having a total ball with them. They're sleeping on the "hideout bed" in the TV room, which Finny loves to prepare at the end of the day (inflating the air mattress is involved).

Grandpa and Dad-o took the boys to the park today - Finny showcasing his bike riding and Henry his Big Wheel riding. We also did a little craft project, making felt ornaments as we waited for the turkey to cook. And both my parents are excellent at reading stories, so the boys conscripted them into covering almost the entire Curious George canon, along with several other tales.

They rounded out today with pumpkin pie, some horseplay with Grandpa, and a two-man Dad-o and Grandpa version of TALB tonight, which involved a pilgrim, a lion, and a turkey. Let's just say things didn't look good for the turkey. Here's a little gallery of events.


Sweet Baby J

During our Galena trip we were delighted to meet our new niece/cousin Jenna Nack. Here's a gallery of her hanging out with the Micronaxx plus various Murray cousins.


Farm boys, giant toys

What--if this is even possible--is better than playing with a fleet of toy farm vehicles? How about playing with the real vehicles?

On Sunday Uncle Ted escorted us to visit his friend Tommy Moser's farm. Our guys were delighted to explore a couple of big tractors (turns out Finn's an Allis-Chalmers man) plus a truly massive combine. Our visit to the chicken coop yielded a bucket of eggs we've been enjoying every day since, and Henry got a little freaked out regarding "mad cows" (as in "angry," not as in "Bovine spongiform encephalopathy"!).

Here's a gallery of photos, plus a video showing the egg-grabbing good times:


18-Wheelin’ with Uncle Ted!

Breaker breaker 1-9, this here's Rubber Duck and... well, I've already exhausted about 90% of my CB/trucker lingo. In any case, we really put the "N" in "TNT" (Ted Nack Trucking) yesterday: the boys & I spent the day on Uncle Ted's big rig, traveling through Iowa to collect a trailer & then heading on to "The World's Largest Truck Stop." Here's a little gallery of photos. I've also boiled our 7-hour adventure down to two minutes:

As a little bonus, here's how Henry & I passed a few miles on Uncle Ted's sleeper. I'd apologize for the jiggly camera work, but even this doesn't capture quite how loud & shaky it is inside a truck!


Farm toys, delighted boys

Greetings from "Big G"! We arrived in Galena on Saturday after a journey on which the boys did great. (Well, check that: on the plane I pretended to call Grandpa Nack and tell him that the boys hadn't fussed at all, but Henry interrupted: "I did some fussing!" Not much, though.)

We've had a ball so far, meeting baby cousin Jenna, visiting Tommy Moser's farm (much more on that soon), and especially playing with Uncle Ted's old farm toys. The lads are in seventh heaven learning about hay balers, manure spreaders, and more. (Parental bonus: I've never seen them so self-entertaining! They keep making a beeline to the sun porch--er, "crop area"--and barely note whether we're there.) Here's a brief glimpse of the action:


Turkeys with a side of Nuts

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We Nacks big and small had a fine turkey day. Dad-O started off the festivities by trying to stuff one of our little turkeys into our actual turkey (see pic in the gallery), which was met with lots of laughs.

Then we all headed out to the park for some sunshine and fresh air, since we were granted a rain-free, warmish day. The guys had a blast collecting acorns and playing in the sand. Henry was busy investigating the acorn "hats" while wearing his own acorn hat, and Finny was busy being the "pizza boss", patting wet sand into a little tray-like container, and then "serving" us sticky clumps of sand pizza. G-man (dubbed "pizza boss baby") got in on the action, and needless to say, both guys got totally wet and covered with sand in no time!

On the way home we passed by a pile of gigantic maple leaves, which were quickly put to use as wings by Finny in an effort to fly home rather than ride in the wagon. After nap time, it was time for the big dinner, and everyone found something to enjoy. Henry went nuts for the cranberry sauce, Finny for the gravy, and John and I for all of it! Enjoy the gallery (HTML) of today's events!

[In the park we searched for in vain for a water-transferring container until Finn announced, "I have a great idea!" Without elaborating he took off running towards the fountain, produced an empty Doritos bag from the sand (it's a classy park), and began filling it with agua. He also enjoyed chasing off some packs of pigeons, saying, "I don't think they expected a pirate to attack them today!" --J.]


Adventures In Thanksgiving

We sure had a lot of fun this Thanksgiving weekend! My folks (the Jeeps L) were in town to pay a visit to our man Finny. As you can see in the accompanying photos (HTML), good times were had by all. Finn gave a hearty thumbs up to all the Thanksgiving fare--he's a big fan of the stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, and especially the pumpkin pie. He actually got a bit huffy when Grandpa or I was a little slow on delivering the spoonfuls of delicious pie to his mouth.
In addition to tons of smiles, laughs, and general good times, the Jeeps were lucky enough to witness Finny's first unassisted steps! On Saturday and Sunday he had a few short sprints of three to six steps all on his own. Very impressive, and he met our bet that he'd be walking by 9 months.
Finn's quite a charmer when it comes to his grandparents, and we can't wait for him to see his other set of Jeeps (the Nacks) when they come after Christmas.