Micronaxx The adventures of Finn & Henry


‘Alo, ELO!

To celebrate Margot's birthday this year, I figured I'd spring for tickets for the two of us to see the great 70's British band ELO during their visit to San Jose. Happily, I found tickets that weren't an arm and a leg (just an arm!), so the dudes were able to join us. Nostalgic, music-loving Hen was particularly enthralled, as you can see in this quick little pastiche of moments from Monday night's adventure:


Family WOD

Last year I somehow cajoled both dudes into joining me at the park for my CrossFit gym's Family WOD (i.e. "Workout of the Day"). Although they'd both been pretty psyched out beforehand, they both had a great time.

This year Hen was busy with a trumpet lesson, so Finn accompanied me to the event. We had a ball warming up with a "Pizza Delivery" game that involved trying to knock pads off of others' hands without dropping one's own. Afterwards we knocked out several quick rounds of sprints, squats, sit-ups, and push-ups.

Here's a little gallery captured by friends at the event, along with some first-person vids I recorded while we worked.



Last Day of School: Onward & Upward

“The days are long but the years are short.” One feels that acutely on occasions like Thursday, when Finn received his certificate celebrating his last day (!!) at Willow Glen Elementary while Henry moved on up from fourth grade. Finn was proud to receive the President's Award for Educational Excellence along with his certificate of biliteracy, while Hen was proud to receive a Sacajawea award for social studies as well as an Achieve 3000 recognition for completing a ton of reading. Way to go, lads!

Here's a little gallery showing the dudes' celebrating along with a few of their flashily attired cronies. 😌




Big Sur 2019

Last weekend, after way too many months of drought in our Westy family adventures, we fired up the red gal and journeyed (with Seamus!) down the coast to camp in Big Sur. My friend Jim had booked a campsite just across Highway 1 from a rocky beach, and we had fun making a quick overnight outing of it.

Seamus in particular seems to have had a blast, roughhousing like mad with a fellow Goldendoodle pup (Parker), who outweighed him by a full 20 lbs. He came home a filthy burr-encrusted wreck, but after a thorough hose-down at home he was good as new.

Check out a gallery of our shots as well as an interactive panorama I captured via my drone during the short burst of golden sunshine that preceded sunset.