Mo’ Betta Babyslang

In our continued efforts to make ourselves intelligible to the outside world, Margot and I have rounded up & explained some of the recent nonsense we’ve coined:

  • PEP — Paternal Exhaustion Plan: Describes the now-nightly roughhousing Finn and I do before bathtime & bed. Gotta get that little sucker good and tired!
  • SCS — Second-Chance Snax: Finn is our little goat, scavenging all manner of fallen Cheerios and other chow-shrapnel from the area under his high chair.
  • Queso al Suelo — Literally “Floor Cheese,” but doesn’t it sound more sophisticated?
  • Bobs — Short for “bottles”. Can be used as a verb, as in “Do you want to bob-up Finn?”
  • Greet’ems — As in, “Finny’s awake. Do you want to do greet’ems?” It’s a corruption of “Greedums,” which I sometimes label Margot when she’s not sharing food, etc. (“I’m never greedy! You’re the greedy one!” she protests.)
  • Dirty Dipes (Done Dirt Cheap) — Kinda self-explanatory, and sung to an AC/DC riff
  • Finny Scent: Closely related to the previous item, and a play on the name of the rapper 50 Cent (“Fitty Cent”).
  • Kickandalo — Our fake-Spanish way of saying “Kickin’ it,” aka “Partying”

[For more slang see previous entries 1, 2, and 3.]

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Bathtime Stylings

Q. What’s more fun than bath time?
A. Not too much! 🙂
We recently snapped a few frames of our little trio partying in the tub (HTML). The only problem is that Finno is a little too fond of gulping down the suds. (You can see him planting his face into a pile on Mom’s hand.)

On a related note, Finn has really been enjoying the tub toys his Nack GrandP’s brought out at Christmas, and during their visit we captured him taking them for a swim:


The Mom n’ Finn Splashdown

Yesterday was swim class #2 (actually #3, but we missed last week’s due to illness) with our Finno the Minnow. This time I got to get in the pool with the Squirrel and splash around. Man, that pool is nothing if not warm and relaxing. Finn was kind of getting tired before we even got there, and all that warm water got him super relaxed. He was totally mellow and kind of limp in the pool, so I did most of the work! I think swim class is more strenuous for the parent than for the kid, but totally fun nonetheless. By the time we dried off and got home, Finn was a major space cadet, and ended up sleeping for more than 2 hours.
Here’s a little gallery (HTML) from our afternoon.


“Oh Oh Oh!”

What a day for our little Finnster–and all of us–to be alive. 🙂 The small guy watched this morning’s proceedings with Margot and me, waving (rather randomly) at the crowds on TV.
Lately he’s been more and more vocal, saying “Ooh Ooh Ooh!” when we point out the monkey among his little jungle pals, and exclaiming “Oh!” pretty much constantly. We tried today to get him to say “BaMa,” figuring we could then get “Oh BaMa” from him–but it wasn’t to be. But hey, we’re still working on “MaMa,” and right now Finn calls both me and Margot “DaDa.” I now refer to her as “Lady DaDa.” 😉
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: Today Finn learned to high-five! He must have picked it up from us, as we were doing it constantly.


Nacks Are Back!

(sung to the tune of “Back In Black”)
I’m pleased to say that all three of us are back in fighting trim (or in Finn’s case, chattering/laughing trim)! Despite all the nastiness of Thursday and Friday, our little dude was a great patient, never becoming a pill or a pain–and this despite teething. Poor Margot got the worst of the bug, I think, still feeling bad until this morning, but she too is better.
Friends with kids tell us, “Get used to it,” and I’m sure they’re right. The irony here is that if we hadn’t been concerned about Finn’s ear (teething), we would’ve skipped the doctor visit and thus maybe the whole ordeal! Ah well; it certainly renews one’s appreciation for good health, and for a groovy kid who can roll with the punches.


Vesuvian Stylings

I won’t go into great detail, but I will say we are currently struggling our way through our first Nack family Norovirus siege. I think Finny and I must’ve picked up a bug when we were at the doctor’s office the other day for his ears, because yesterday we awoke to find that Finn had thrown up in his crib (blaaaaargh) sometime in the night. We mopped him up and everything seemed fine, no further issues.
Until last night, that is. That’s when it got really ugly around here. Both John and I started feeling awful around 9:30pm, and from then on it was a race to either the bathroom or the kitchen sink. All. Night. Long. Thankfully John kept it together long enough to race to Walgreens and get Gatorade and Pepto Bismol. We got very little sleep and have felt awful all day long. Finn slept through the whole ordeal and seemed to be doing fine until about 3 p.m. today, when he barfed himself awake from his nap :(. We’ve spent the rest of the evening trying to keep him cleaned up and drinking Pedialyte (he could not be less interested). Right now he’s in bed, and fingers crossed, we’ll have an uneventful evening. But I’m not counting on it.
Yeesh. We’re looking forward to getting over this bug! I’m buying stock in Clorox and Tide.


Sunday in the Park with Jim

My dad & I accompanied Finno to the park near our house during their visit for a little quality time with the swings, not to mention the *delicious* woodchips :-). Here’s The Swinging Nut-Quest:


The Rapscallion Stallion!

We now have official confirmation that Finno is an Advanced Super Baby(TM)! I took him to the pediatrician today, because I was worried he might have an ear infection. He’s been tugging on his left ear a lot, and sticking his finger way back into his mouth and chewing on it. All the nurses and Dr. S were shocked to see our man toddling around on his own at only 10 months. The doc said it was the earliest she’d seen a little boy walk! She was also pretty impressed with his pointing and waving skills.
In addition, turns out he doesn’t have an ear infection: he’s teething again, this time on his 1-year molars! The doc said he’s super early on molars as well as walking! And he’s doing even more proto-speaking, so we expect to be filling out college applications in the next month or so (KIDDING! Only kidding!).


Finno the Minnow

Well, maybe not a minnow…Today was Finn’s first swim lesson, and he’s in the youngest age group, the Polliwogs. I had a feeling Finn would enjoy being in the pool since he likes the bath so much, and he sure did. John was on pool-buddy duty since I need to scare up a maternity suit, and both my guys had a lot of fun. Finn got to try out floating, kicking, paddling with arms, and getting swooped around in different directions in the water. Here’s a little gallery (HTML) of pics from our afternoon.
There were about 5 other kid/parent combos in the class and all the tots really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Of course, there were at least 5 parents (and maybe some grandparents) with me on the sidelines, taking videos and pictures. We were all bowled over by the high degree of cuteness emanating from the pool 😀



I think we’ve mentioned that Finn’s starting to recognize words and phrases, and we’re having a lot of fun asking him to “kiss” his stuffed animals. For Finny, a “kiss” is really just leaning into the stuffed animal with mouth agape and pressing his face against it. It’s very sweet to watch, even though he hasn’t really mastered the pucker yet :).
He hasn’t really started saying words, although the one thing he will say, much to my chagrin, over and over, is “Dada!” or “da da DADADADA!!!” I ask him to say “Mama”, but he won’t really go for it…But even though Finn may not humor me by saying “Mama” very often (ok, *ever*), today he did something even better! We were playing around with his stuffed penguin, and after I asked him to kiss it, I said “Will Finny kiss Mommy?” And reader, he DID! Right on the cheek! Woohoo!!! He did it twice in a row (second time on my shoulder, not my face, but hey–beggars can’t be choosers, knowwhati’msaying?).
Pretty great stuff. It totally made my day! I am really looking forward to more Finny smooches.Oh, and maybe the best part is that when John asked Finny for a smooch, it was no dice ;-} (heh heh).



Finn now recognizes the word “penguin” (an important skill around our house), and he’s been having a ball with a new little stuffed buddy. In this video clip, Finno forcefully answers Grandpa’s question of whether he’s still sticking everything into his mouth. 🙂


Top Ten Things About Being Ten Months Old

Finn turned 10 months old on Friday, Jan 2. In honor of this milestone, we present the following top 10 list.
10. A budding imagination!
9. Dancing to music
8. Light fixture symphonies courtesy of our chandeliers, a pencil or spoon handle, and Dad
7. Recognizing words and phrases
6. Saying Da Da Da Da!
5. Walking walking walking
4. Laughing uncontrollably while being flipped upside down by Dad
3. Laughing in response to Mom and Dad making stuffed animals “talk”
2. Emptying containers of all kinds–drawers, toy bins, the Goldfish cracker container
1. Remembering where Mom hid the aforementioned container of Goldfish crackers!

Christmas Photos

Christmas with the Nack GPs

Happy New Year, everyone! We took a little hiatus from blogging while my folks were in town from New Year’s Eve ’til today. They’d originally planned to come out on Dec. 26th, but their flight from Chicago was grounded by bad weather. Undeterred, they trekked out a couple of days later with a big bag of loot for the Finnmaster.
We all had a ball together, and as you can see in the photo gallery* (HTML), we played some hide-and-seek, showed Finn himself (and the Dalai Lama!), partied in the tub, went back to the farm, and more. It was terrific to have a couple seasoned pairs of eyes helping look after the little guy & giving Margot & me the chance to have a few nights out to ourselves. Sometimes it’s nice to say, “Oh, wait, we’re not just parents!” 🙂
We recorded a few video clips, too, so I hope to post a short highlight reel soon.
* Because the gallery is a bit bigger than usual, I had to use numerals instead of thumbnail images at the bottom. As usual you can move to the next image by hitting the “+” icon at right, and/or press the little triangular button to start the slideshow.