Mo’ Betta Babyslang

In our continued efforts to make ourselves intelligible to the outside world, Margot and I have rounded up & explained some of the recent nonsense we’ve coined:

  • PEP — Paternal Exhaustion Plan: Describes the now-nightly roughhousing Finn and I do before bathtime & bed. Gotta get that little sucker good and tired!
  • SCS — Second-Chance Snax: Finn is our little goat, scavenging all manner of fallen Cheerios and other chow-shrapnel from the area under his high chair.
  • Queso al Suelo — Literally “Floor Cheese,” but doesn’t it sound more sophisticated?
  • Bobs — Short for “bottles”. Can be used as a verb, as in “Do you want to bob-up Finn?”
  • Greet’ems — As in, “Finny’s awake. Do you want to do greet’ems?” It’s a corruption of “Greedums,” which I sometimes label Margot when she’s not sharing food, etc. (“I’m never greedy! You’re the greedy one!” she protests.)
  • Dirty Dipes (Done Dirt Cheap) — Kinda self-explanatory, and sung to an AC/DC riff
  • Finny Scent: Closely related to the previous item, and a play on the name of the rapper 50 Cent (“Fitty Cent”).
  • Kickandalo — Our fake-Spanish way of saying “Kickin’ it,” aka “Partying”

[For more slang see previous entries 1, 2, and 3.]

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