The Need for Speed 🛫

One recent pleasure of the boys growing up is that we can get onto the same wavelength about various nerdy pursuits. For Finn & me it’s been Kurt Vonnegut, while Hen & I have focused on all things historical—particularly cars & planes.

With the latter in mind, Henry & I headed up to Hiller Aviation Museum to hear a talk by Brian Shul, one of just 90 men ever to fly the Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird aircraft & an accomplished photographer to boot. We quite enjoyed his presentation, as well as our walk around the museum afterwards.

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Touch-sensitive Hen got way into exploring all the clicky buttons & knobs in the old 747 cockpit.

Check out our little gallery from the day.

Bonus: Here’s how the lads & I looked in the same cockpit 10+ years ago! In 2014 we returned to see a pumpkin dropped from a helicopter (video, gallery).

Christmas Photos

Big G 2021: Fondue, Legos, & more

Wrapping up our Christmas adventure for 2021, here’s a gallery showing some of the great gifts we exchanged with the fam amidst ingestions of mass quantities of fondue (the boys’ first, and quite a hit!), shrimp dip 🤤, and more.

One particular highlight was getting to make Lego versions of Jenna, Austin, and Morgan, then give them to the kids in person:

And to close things out, here’s a draggable interactive panorama of our pretty little town:

Christmas Photos

Railroading Across Time: Sharing Grandpa’s Watch

One of the real highlights of our trip to Big G was seeing Grandpa Nack pass a piece of family railroading heritage on to Henry. His grandfather from Ireland has emigrated to New York state & become an engineer (on the NY Central RR, we think), and during summer visits he’d call my dad “Seamus” (Irish for James). Happily, the beautiful gold watch he received upon his retirement made its way to my dad, and it’s now in the very appreciative hands of one Henry Seamus. 🥰 Here’s a little gallery showing the passing of this cherished torch.