Micronaxx The adventures of Finn & Henry


Diggable Tahoe

Our shovel-lovin' lads Finn (armed with Root Chop) and Hen (armed with Seymour) teamed up with Dante, Vienna, and a whole squadron of random lakeside kids to turn the shore of Lake Tahoe into an elaborate system of canals, jumps, and other earthworks. Here's a little taste from the shoreline:


The Old Men & The Lake

Up in Tahoe I rang in the start of my 40's just two days after our friend Hans started his 50's. Just as last year we shared a cake, and this year Margot & the boys took the sting out of mortality by giving me "Benny's Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!!" from The Lego Movie—a loving throwback to the 80's-vintage sets I had growing up. Amazingly (miraculously!) despite our cabin being darker than Carlsbad Caverns, we built the beast and got it home without losing any parts.

Here's a handful of photos from the festivities—including impatient Henry realizing that yes, he will actually get to eat some cake 🙂 .

Cake Triptych


Spherical Tahoe

I like to go beyond what a simple photo can capture, so I really enjoy capturing 360º spherical panoramas of our travels. (The fam is nice to indulge me as I lag behind on hikes, etc. in order to make these.) To look around some of the Lake Tahoe-area sights we encountered last week, you can click and drag on any of the photos below, or—better still—you can click the "View on Google Maps" link on each one to view it much larger.

Stormy Skies


Easy Sunday Morning


Fallen Leaf Dam


The Twilight of My Thirties

Few people really want to age, but getting to spend the final sunset of my thirties with these chaps on the shores of Lake Tahoe—well, that wasn't too bad. 🙂 Here's a little gallery of the boys digging their giant earthworks project, returning a tiny clam to the water (Henry was quite sentimental about this), and "Ninja Warrior" Finn clamoring up the pier & leaping into the sand.

Flyin' Lion


Lords of the Paddleboards

Greetings from Lake Tahoe! Despite facing some unseasonably cool & blustery weather, we've been spending a good amount of time down by the lake. We've become paddleboard "lords" only in the most ironic sense, but it's been fun zipping around the long, very shallow stretch in front of our cabin. Here are a few pics.



Throwback Thursday: Boating Lake Tahoe

I never quite got around to posting this footage last summer after we enjoyed a thrilling ride in a vintage powerboat own by our friend Pauline's friend John. Now, courtesy of the video-making technology I've been working on at Google, here's a brief peek at Micronaxx on the waves:


Leaping Gizzards

Hen launches 25 feet into the air in Tahoe!


Who says Hens can’t fly?!

Greetings from Lake Tahoe! Margot & the lads have been enjoying the heck out of this place for the last few days, and I flew up last night from LA to join them. Our dreams of riding the mountain gondola fell victim to possible thunderstorms (which never materialized), but as a pretty great consolation prize, we got Henry set up with a bungee trampoline outing. Check out the results! I'll try to upload videos of the adventure once I get onto a faster connection. [Update: Here it is.]



Hey, Ho, Ta-Hoe!

What a whirlwind weekend we had! We're just back from visiting north Lake Tahoe with our friends Michael, Juliana, Cyrus, and Hazel Wiggin (aka "the Wigii"). Having slept since returning, I'm still a little bushed, but here are a few photos. Random anecdotes:

  • Both boys were eager to see Michael & co. On a little hike Henry would point at every single building and ask, "Is that Michael's cabin?"
  • The lake water is quite chilly, so the guys mainly enjoyed their first boat ride (sailing all of 20 feet from shore in a pumped up raft) and getting carried by me. As waves smashed into us, they'd happily squeal and yell "You darn Lake Tahoe!!"
  • The Wigii are quite fit, and Michael would goad me into doing macho stuff (crazy push-up combos, swimming out into the lake, etc.). Now Finn, who tried his hand at the push-ups, loves repeating Margot's idea for a reality show: "Man Up! with Michael Wiggin."
  • We picked up our cabin's keys from "the Vacation Station." Henry's taken to repeating whatever someone has said but adding "not" in there (e.g. "We are *not* home"), so I think he's visited "the Negation Station."
  • At a beachfront park on the way out of town, we met a friendly second grader named Juan. He played tag with the kids, playfully taunting them with "Toodles!" And thus "Mr. Toodles" was born.
  • On the way home as Margot & Finn slept, Henry & I chatted back & forth. The boys have a running joke where they call minivans "mouse vans" (as in Minnie Mouse). Spying one, Henry volunteered "I see a mouse in it!... I don't see monkeys in it... Must not be monkey vehicle."

All in all we had a ball, and we hope for many happy returns!