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From Grumped to Pumped: Happy Hen @ Barber Tom’s

I know—given his history, I can't believe it, either! And yet here you see him, complete with his new little bear (named Manijeh after our dentist-office friend who gave it to him) getting a trim of its own. Wonders never cease...





Our Son, The Meme

A couple of years back, a little dude (seen at right) became Internet-famous as "Success Kid." This is what's called a meme (I'll note for my parents' benefit :-)), an image or idea that people pick up & riff upon.

It seems that Henry's born to be a meme—maybe as Success Kid's grumpier cousin, Distress Kid. The latest entry in his infamous "Haircuts" series...

...caught the imagination of some of my Facebook friends. Now he's been compared to the Italian enforcer Luca Brasi...

...transformed into The Man With No Name...

...a French tragic hero...


...and even an 80's rock star. 🙂

Special thanks to Michael, Karl, Foster, and Chris for the fun Photoshoppery!


Henry Nack, Haircut Lover

Just kidding—he's the same colorful little grump as always! ;-p


Haircut Agonistes

Henry Nack: Nothing if not theatrical in the barber's chair. :-p


Barbershop Trio

*Man* do our haircuts ever come with a free helping of drama. :-p G-Man flashes through every emotion under the sun, it seems, only to end up chuckling at the business end of Barber Tom's blower. Check out a taste of our Saturday:

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Shock & Faux-Hawk

Nothing, it seems, brings out our boys' inner hambone like a trip to Barber Tom's (well, that plus the sugar rush from a fistful of suckers). I snapped this shot of Hen while getting my own ears lowered:

Previous silliness:


Post-Haircut Peace-Out

Oh, Henry: Might you ever get a haircut *without* becoming a hysterical bucking bronco? The little guy keeps flipping out (almost literally) in the barber's chair: "I don't like the bee!" (buzzing clippers). Ah well: at least he finally wore himself out yesterday, making his post-chop sucker all the sweeter.


Happy Haircut Henry

Yesterday all the Nack boys big and small took a trip to "Tom the Barber" for haircuts. It was Henry's first trim, and he dealt pretty well with all the strange new sensations while sitting in Dad-o's lap. Finn was an old pro, seeming very relaxed and self-assured as Tom gave his locks a much-needed chippity-chop. Here is a fun little gallery of the proceedings. Dad-o was the last to go, and since Tom had to run his kid's baseball glove to him at Little League, Dad-o got trimmed up by Tom's brother while Mom-o and the guys headed home for some lunch.

All three dudes look neat, clean, and handsome as ever. We even got a little "First Haircut" certificate and keepsake lock of Henry's hair to take with us.