Extreme Makeover: G-Man Edition

Henry Nack: *Not* a fan of having his head fooled with. He’s a pain at hair-washing time, and he can put up a real stink at the barber shop. Yesterday he was in rare (as in, terrible) form there, but behold the transformative power of a lollipop! Can you believe this is the same kid, in photos separated by no more than 10 minutes?

3 replies on “Extreme Makeover: G-Man Edition”

This is your kid….this is your kid on lollipops. These pics are priceless. Thanks for the laughs!

[Heh heh–thanks, Tara. –J.]

He’s definitely had his cheeks done. And I’m glad the collagen in his lower lip settled down from a fierce pout to a resigned hurumph.

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