Micronaxx The adventures of Finn & Henry


All Aboard for Finny’s Birthday Party!

This afternoon we celebrated Finny's 2nd birthday (even though he's not officially 2 until Tuesday). What a fun day we had! After weeks of nonstop rain, the clouds broke and we had a gorgeous, warm, sunny day.

I made a fun Thomas the Tank Engine train cake, thanks to some helpful pictures and advice from Finn's Auntie Laura. The cake turned out far better than I had imagined--we had Thomas, his coal tender, and three freight cars. Finny was raptly watching me frost them, and although I was trying to explain that they were train cars, he didn't really get it until the blue frosting went onto the Thomas cake. Then, when I put Thomas's face on the front, it dawned on him that the cake really was a train. He started saying "Thomas! That's Thomas!" and spent quite a while looking at the cake from all angles. It was my favorite moment of the entire day.

Lots of Finny's playgroup pals and their parents came to the shindig, as did many other of our friends--Hoot, Alex, and Milos, the Hogartys, Reen, and our neighbors. And special guest Grandma Nack, who flew out from Illinois just for the party. It was wonderful to have a big Sunday afternoon playdate with the added bonus of cake, presents, and beautiful sunshine. We were thrilled that everyone could go out and enjoy the yard, especially since our living room is not very big when it's filled with so many toddlers and parents!

Finn blew out his candles like a pro, and had a really good time at his party. I think everyone else did, too, and we were reminded of how many wonderful, kind people we have in our lives.


T-Minus 30 to Birthday Hijinks!

The Thomas cake is ready, and the streamers have been strung. Let the wild rumpus start! 😀

(Click the image for a larger version.)


Babyslang: Kitchen Bestiary Edition

Time to whip out the Nack Family Secret Decoder Ring again. 🙂  Here are some recent additions to our slangy canon:

  • Cheesy Zebras: Quesadillas.  Noticing the toasted stripes made by our panini press when warming a tortilla, Finn declared, "That a zebra right there!"  And thus were Cheesy Zebras born.
  • Macaws: Green beans.  This one isn't new, actually, but I've forgotten to mention it previously.  Finn took a big shine to the big-beaked birds in his books, and he decided that the long tapering ends of some green beans resemble Macaws.  Thus at dinner he started saying things like, "Macaw! Eat the beak! Come *heeeere*, Macaw!! (haaup!)."
  • K Dak-oh-Dahs: Okay, this one is a little complicated.  Finn used to pronounce "Cock-a-doodle-doo" as "Dak-oh-Dah!"--which, when you think about it, is probably closer to what a rooster actually says.  Anyway, due to the rooster on the package, Corn Flakes became "Dak-oh-Dahs."  Thus Finn dubbed Mom-O's box of Special K "K Dak-oh-Dahs."
  • Plutocrat: Sir Topham Hatt, or alternately Finny ("That a plutocrat right there!" he says, tapping his chest proudly).  Power to the people!
  • Adobe drips: For some reason, Finn decided that his bath bubbles are Adobe ("That a bunch of Adobe down there!").  He's gotten way into dousing himself in the tub, and now he's turned the little lobster cup on dad, pouring water & bubbles onto the front of my head. "That Adobe drippin' down! Adobe drips!"  Somehow I started channeling our neighbor ladies' band and singing, "Pour some Adobe on meeee, in the name of love; Pour some Adobe on meeee, 'cause I need a hug."  (I'd write "Apologies to Def Leppard," but isn't it really they who owe all of us an apology?)
  • Dinka-Dinka OHyang: I work with a nice lady named Jackie Lincoln-Owyang who has a couple of kids of her own.  She gave Finn a couple of books, and when I told Margot where they came from, Finn said, "Dinka Dinka OHyang!"  Later he started grabbing random objects (e.g. an empty Coke carton) and saying, "That a Jackie Lincoln!"  Here you can hear us talking about it. 🙂 (Press the little "Play" arrow below.)

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Poking & Prodding & Waiting

Noon today saw our little guy trussed up a bit like Frankenstein, Velcroed to a table with an IV and a catheter jabbed into him. We were in the basement of the Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, where technicians pumped a radioactive solution through Henry's system to check his kidney function. (The speed of the process, they said, would tell us about whether his ureters are constricted or blocked.)

Things got pretty rough for a while, with Henry crying & me unable to pick him up, being able only to kiss & sing to him. Offering him a bottle of water helped a great deal, though, and finally he fell asleep for part of the 45-minute procedure. Whew. Now we wait (again) for more information.

The good news, of course, is that the little guy remains healthy & happy, with no evidence of trouble. We continue to feel blessed to have access to such good health care, and we look forward to finding out more.


The Mom-O n’ Henry Chuckle Hut

Sure, sure--you've seen plenty of the little guy guffawing already, but who wouldn't like a little more? 😉


“Beat ‘im!”

The video is a little slow to get going as Henry makes a noble attempt at proto-crawling. Soon enough, though, big brother Finn offers his frank assessment of what to do with the G-Man once the little guy is of age. 🙂


Random awesomeness o’ the day

Finn-O looked down & spied a Thomas the Tank Engine toothpaste tube in the tub tonight, occasioning this fun little exchange:

F: "Thomas down there!"
J: "That's Thomas down there?"
F: "Floating around!"
J: "Floating around?"
F: "Knew that... Finny knew that!"


“Show the Boy!!”

Well, even if I can't make it to the gym anymore, at least I can launch a little ~35lb. beast into the air a few times to get tuckered out. 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. We had a ball today with our lads. First Finny & Dad-O went on a secret mission to score Mom some flowers plus her favorite dessert: red velvet cake! Finn got so wound up from the cake, he was literally bouncing up and down on my leg saying "Boing-a Boing-a Boing-a!!" as we video-chatted with the Liggett GPs. And after dinner, when he heard me mentioning the cake to my folks, he shot me a serious look and said, "Eatitagain!"

Somewhere in the midst of this we took Henry on his first trip to "Rolly slide park" & had "Dueling Snackers" in the kitchen, brandishing hot dogs & squirreling away grapes. Here are our pix (HTML).


A brotherly peck on the noggin

Finn has always been great about giving the "G-Man" a smooch on the head at bedtime, and here I've caught him in the act:


Henry Nack, human laugh factory

If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what would. 🙂


Ham in the Tub

Here are some shots (HTML) from Finny and Henry's first bath together in the tub! Both boys were really enjoying themselves, much to our delight. I honestly thought it would be like tossing two cats into a pool--lots of fighting and tears!

Clad only in a bubble bath goatee, we think Henry resembles a tiny, infantile Colonel Sanders. He sampled the seafood (purple Octopus cup), and tried on a bubble mohawk, which Finny proceeded to "shave" with a small tube of toothpaste. Dad-O proclaims the brotherly antics "Dynamite!"


…More Tests Required

Today was Henry's appointment with the pediatric urologist at Stanford Medical Center's Children's Hospital. We had to take all the records and reports from his prior ultrasounds and X-ray so the specialist could check everything out. The doctor and his resident were both incredibly nice and gentle, and were very attentive to both Henry and I. They answered all my questions and gave as thorough an explanation as they could concerning Henry's condition.

In a nutshell, Henry needs a couple more tests before the doctor will be comfortable giving a definitive diagnosis of his kidney condition. Right now it's just known as "megaureter," which is a general term for inexplicably enlarged kidneys and ureters. Henry will have another X-ray test, called a Mag 3, which is designed to show whether his ureters are blocked (thereby indicating a physical impediment to the flow between kidney and bladder) or unblocked (which could indicate a malfunction with the musculature of the ureters). The doc said that if they're not blocked, the situation eventually will resolve itself without the need for surgery. If they're blocked, at some point surgery will be needed to remove the blockages, but we'd wait until he's older to do that. In the meantime, we keep him on the antibiotic, do the tests this coming month, and then see the doc again in March to see what the tests show.

For his part, Henry was an absolute doll the entire morning. The appointment was smack in the middle of his normal naptime, but he slept in the car both ways, and was happy and calm for the duration of the consultation. Oh, and he was in love with the adorable baby he kept glimpsing in the mirror at the end of the exam table :D. And big kudos to the Children's medical center--the facilities are so nice, welcoming, well-lit, and kid friendly, it is very easy for everyone to be at ease while they're visiting.



Yesterday (Superbowl Sunday, for folks overseas) our pals Tom & Sarah brought their lovely little Harper (10.5 months) over for a visit. She and little Henry had a good time on the playmat, and she was especially patient as he started making some "illegal use of hands," tugging on her shirt & trying to get some attention. The poor guy got rejected by the lady, and you can see he wasn't entirely thrilled about that! No harm done, though.

Too bad our big linebacker Finn slept through all the proceedings, waking up just as the Hogarties got in their car. Ah well; here are the pix (HTML).


Dental Onslaught

Kind of speaks for itself, we think. 🙂


Tiniest. Boca. Ever.

Somehow in my mind, I hear Lady Gaga singing, "Ta-Ta-Ta-Teething Faaace..." Our little SuperHen has developed a whole variety of facial expressions to complement his newly arriving chompers (we're on the verge of six!). My favorite is the one at left:

(Click the image for a larger version.)

In remotely-possibly related news, the G-Man is experimenting with tongue clucking, and whenever I join in, he takes notice & seems to recognize that we're speaking the same "language." It reminds me of how Finn and I started coughing back and forth (video) at roughly the same age.


23 Skidoo

Old Man Finnegan is officially just one month from turning "The Deuce" (!). Don't tell him, but Mom-O has scored a whole set of great Thomas gear for his upcoming party.

Speaking of trains, "Engineer" pretty constantly insists on referring to each member of the family by our railroading handles:

  • Finn: Engineer
  • Dad-O: Conductor
  • Mom-O: Caboose
  • Henry: Little Freight Car
  • CoCo: Station Master

He's way into rattling off crazed, run-on compound sentences like "Engineer and Conductor hang out in the Thomas tunnel and Caboose and Freight Car in the TV room!"  Super good times.


And now, Finn tries to tear Dad’s arm off…

Man, this is what I get for slacking off on the gym: My physique has deteriorated to the point where Finn believes he can tear my arm off & is willing to give it the ol' college try!


January Jubilee

January came and went in the blink of an eye! We've got a serious backlog of photos, so we've put together a little gallery (HTML) of miscellaneous goings-on from last month. The rain kept us inside quite a bit, so the camera was always at the ready. Highlights include:

  • Henry sitting up in the bath
  • Rocking chair storytime with Mom-o
  • The boys doubling up in the new 2-passenger stroller
  • Assorted "Finny the Carpenter" hijinks
  • Henry's first meal in a high chair
  • Finny and Mom-o reading about eBay
  • Blue Play-Doh elephant snoots
  • Everyone in hoodies while we wait for the furnace repair guy to show up
  • And assorted smooching, relaxing, and "kickandalo" in the living room